The Corporation: Part 05 – Case Histories

Exploitation and poisoning

This section is 22 minutes long. If you do not have time to watch any other segment of The Corporation, this one is probably the most important.

Specific examples are given of corporations as externalizing machines using slave labor in third world countries. Companies even pay ‘spies’ to conceal the truth about their labor practices. The corporate ‘spin meister’ attempts to explain why these slave labor practices are justified. This footage demonstrates that when corporations talk about increasing ‘efficiency’ they are usually talking about the ‘science of exploitation.’

Monsanto: The harmful impact on society as a result of the ‘petrochemical’ industry is exposed. Corporations like Monsanto are still very much involved in profiting from this tragic development. The history and development of Monsanto’s rBGH and rBST hormones is explained in some detail. This problem is ongoing, in fact just recently my grocery store posted a sign above the milk stating that the [corrupt] FDA has approved these substances for our consumption.

The fact that the corporate model is actually a ‘doom machine’, with the likelihood that it will destroy us, is made very clear using the paper industry and water pollution as an example. And the heartlessness and lack of moral conscious of stock brokers is revealed by an insider who states that “until the environmental conditions become a ‘commodity’ themselves to be traded, than obviously we will have nothing to do with that – it doesn’t come into our psyche at all.”

[The Chicago Climate Exchange has been established so when the Environmental Protection Agency names carbon dioxide a pollutant the cap and trade system will finally allow brokers to ‘trade’ in pollution.]

The criminality of corporations is discussed naming some of the top corporations that have been fined. Of course these fines become just ledger entries aka as operating costs. Only when those costs seriously eat into profits will their polluting practices change. [NOTE: they have not stopped polluting, but now manage to blame overpopulation and all of us humans (who the BEAST refers to as ‘consumers’) for the environmental devastation they have created].

CEO Ray Anderson, having awoken to the plundering done by corporations in their relentless pursuit of profit, attempts to explain why this ‘business model’ will ultimately be the source of our destruction as all natural support systems are currently being plundered by INC the BEAST .

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