The Corporation: Part 21 – Democracy Ltd

The power of the BEAST over government

This clip explains how Corporations are now at the table with governments, and intelligence agencies. It exposes how far the model: Public Private Partnerships has actually come and how ‘conflict of interest’ has been erased from consideration. The BEAST hopes to erase it from the public’s awareness as well. One CEO states that INC the BEAST now has more power than governments.

The free trade propagandists admit that corporate-speak is now the common language for business, Inc and Government Inc. Unfortunately their common language is  ‘spin’ and is designed to confuse the public and obfuscate the ongoing exploitation that is occurring simultaneously by both.

One corporation proponent make the outrageous statement that ‘accountability’ should only be in the marketplace. As the public is deceived about their real ‘practices’ this is not remotely possible – and they know it.

The propagandist’s goal is to build ‘trust’ with the public and demonstrate “corporate and social responsibility”. However, economist Milton Friedman admits that the BEAST has no expertise in social responsiblity – nor do they have any fiscal directive. Corporate ‘ social responsibility’ is yet one more creation of their  ‘perception management teams’.

The Corporation – Film Clips

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