Perception Management

Here is a very humorous video that depicts perfectly how deceptive corporate ‘perception management’ is used. Bird and Fortune use the Money INC industry aka corporate Wall Street financiers as their example and explain the subprime mortage crisis at the same time.

Similar techniques are used by ‘government’ representatives all of the time to ‘manufacture consent’ via deception. The next time you hear a politician talk, if you listen for it, you will be able to identify their ‘spin’ or ‘framing’ of the issues.  While Ed Bernays, the father of propaganda, advanced ‘public relations’ (term was coined by him) and advertisement way beyond his wildest dreams, others such as Frank Luntz pickuped up the ball and helped perfect this form of lying. Luntz calls his efforts ‘words that work’. New Gingrich’s Contract ‘on’ Amercia campaign in the 90’s was Luntz’s first big success.

Sadly spining or framing the ‘message’ has grown so popular that one has to wonder if the ‘framers’ even know what’s truthful anymore.

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