IDH Program Links – 2014


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December 27, 2014

Program: The Elimination of Representative Government in America

The BAR Card

Executive Order (1999) – Federalism

December 6, 2014

Program: ‘Primary Water’ with independent scientist Jim Murray

Jim Murray – A Lifetime of Exploration and Discovery

Primary Water Institute

November 29, 2014

Program: Child Protective Services and how to protect yourself

Red Ice Radio interview with former CPS worker

Legally Kidnapped –

Defend Your Child from Child Protective Services, the Corporate-Government Employee Questionnaire and the Notice of Non-Consent

November 22, 2014

Program: Vaccine exemption forms and the BAR

Idaho Certificate of Immunization Exemption

The BAR Card

November 15, 2014

Program: 1) Discussion of CDC whistle blowers Dr David Lewis and Dr Brian Hooker and 2) exposing the truth about The BAR CARD.

Dr Brian Hooker on RedIce Radio

Immunologist Says Infants Vaccinated Only To Train Parents

Articles by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. – Natural Immunity and Vaccination (youtube)

The BAR Card

November 8, 2014

Program: Guest Dr David Lewis, author of Science for Sale

Dr James Tracy’s youtube interview with medical investigative journalist Jon Rappoport

LAWFULLY YOURS – Employee Vaccination Notice (pg 31)

LAWFULLY YOURS – now available as a spiral bound hard copy

November 1, 2014

Program: Centralization of vaccine exemption statutes and Common Core destruction of our schools

Personal Beliefs Exemption – CA

Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr Duke Pesta

Dollar DVD

NWO Exposed at medical meeting in 1969

Willful Blindness

LAWFULLY YOURS updated edition soon available as bound copy

October 25, 2014

Program: LAWFULLY YOURS – people’s empowerment guide

October 11, 2014

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE
Warning: Language not appropriate for children.

Jim Stone
Scroll down a bit on the home page for Ebola news stories
Ebola Fraud 2014
(updated frequently)

Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent

Jennifer Lake’s blog

Polio Forever’s Blog

Polio Created in the Lab

Scientists Create a Virus that Reproduces

October 4, 2014

Program: Seven Step Ebola Response Plan

Our government is just another corporation


CDC Exposed

Rep Jim Traficant – March, 1933

Government Employee questionnaire

Pocket card notice of non-consent

Employee and Student Response to Vaccine Requirements

Judge Dale: The Great American Adventure (includes chapter 5, the Legal Process)

September 20, 2014

Program: What to do in an aggressive ebola campaign

Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines: Ebola Scare Exposed


Government employee questionnaire

Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent

Judge Dale: The Matrix and the US Constitution

Judge Dale: The Great American Adventure (includes chapter 5, the Legal Process)

Operational Details of Ebola Quarantine Zones by Dave Hodges

Will the Ebola Outbreak be used as a Cover for Murdering Dissidents by Jim Stone

Robert Steele talks about Ebola ‘false flag’ on Alex Jones

September 13, 2014

Program: The Pandemic Playbook

Deadly Immunity by Robert Kennedy Jr

EPD-CDC Whistleblower (Dr David Lewis) exposes their corruption of science

Sars, avian flu, swine flu, ebola: same game – same playbook

The Dark Agenda of Population Reduction – featuring Dr Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon

Who is Running America

In Defense of Humanity – TalkShoe program #120481
Call in # 724-444-7444

Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent

September 6, 2014

Program: Unmasking the Centers for Disease Creation and Promotion

CDC and CIA – a close and sick relationship

Corruption at the CDC

CDC caught in billion dollar scheme to sell vaccines

Vaccination – The Hidden Truth documentary

The Vaccination Notice

Pocket Card Notice of Non-consent

August 30, 2014

Program: Outing the CDC – from the inside

Audio Clip of Dr. Brian Hooker exposing the CDC on Next News Network with Gary Francchi (3 min)

Full youtube of Next News Network’s Gary Francchi interview of CDC whistlerblower Dr. Brian Hooker – August 26, 2014 (15 min)

CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship by Alfred Lambremont Webre and Steve Green

pdf version of CDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

Extremely important new web page: Alfred Lambremont Webre’s EbolaGate

Dr David Lewis, CDC – EPA Whistleblower

Blessings to our most treasured whistleblowers:
Doctors: Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Rebecca Carley, Dr Russell Blaylock, Dr David Lewis, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Brian Hooker, Dr. William Thompson
Attorneys: Judge Dale, Melvin Stamper, Karen Hudes, Alfred Lambremont Webre
Banker: John Truman Wolfe (Anatomy of a Con Job)

August 23, 2014

Program: Preventative Strategy – Pocket Card NOTICE

Quarantine Authority

Karen Hudes – Counter Culture (Aug 17, 2014)

Source Documents: Bond v. UNITED STATES

Source Documents: The Legal Process

Pocket card NOTICE of non-consent

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