Orgone (natural) Energy


The following video describes Wilhelm Reich and his natural energy discovery. Reich was researching two areas the globalists weren’t about to lose their monopoly over:

  1. Energy
  2. Medicine

Any discoveries that threatened the Rockefeller’s monopoly of energy or medicine (pharmaceuticals) could not be allowed to go forward. Energy that could be generated without the need for the ‘grid’ was (is) a threat to the oil cartel’s profits and control.  And since Rockefeller had invested a fortune in steering medicine into embracing his petro-pharmaceuticals (and away from natural cures), he convinced the FDA (who John D. played a role in establishing) to shut down Wilhem Reich’s research.


Russell Blaylock, MD did an excellent job of explaining the Rockefeller ‘foundation system’ and its impact on the practice of medicine in our country. How the globalists corrupted medicine


Forbidden Cures – how Rockefeller helped build the medical/industrial complex.

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