Natural Energy Devices

Building on the principles and excellent research of Wilhelm Reich, Mike Castle has designed several natural energy generators which also serve as electro-magnetic disrupters.

[Wilhelm Reich’s mini-biography]

Dr Rollin McCraty explains Earth’s harmonics and its geomagnetic field – 1 hr interview


We are bombarded daily with electrical pollution from GWEN or cell phone towers, the TV, the computer, etc. that can have mood altering or mind control effects.  Essentially the discs and pendants create a vortex of magnetic energy (earth’s natural energy) that serve to disrupt or deflect the electro-magnetically generated energy thus providing a protective barrier.


Mineral ions gold and calcium are admixed into sodium silicate (water-glass) and magnetite black sands.  Then it is hand-molded and formed into shapes, figures and pic-to-glyphs.

Two quartz crystals are mounted at less than 45˚ to another. They are wound with copper wire in a right turn ascending manner and in counter-rotation to one another. This creates mobius coils (Tesla’s invention), which focus an energy field into a crystal lattice thus building amplitude of energy in a right-spiral eruption at both ends of the pointed crystals.

As with Wilhelm Reich’s theories of harmonics, a small amount of zinc metal is on board to ‘tune’ the metal’s harmonics. They are tuned to a 435 hz frequency. (Vibrational harmonics are always equalized when zinc is present and needs no further tuning.)

Because of the pendant’s ceramic bonded body/matrix, harmonics are always optimum – as opposed to sound deadening epoxy or styrene-monomers cured with diamines or peroxides.

There is no aluminum contained in this pendant. Aluminum, according to Reich, neutralizes ‘positron energy’ in the atmosphere. These pendants therefore generate primary ‘apertures’ for attracting natural magnetic energy. The inventor of these pendants, Dr. Mike, is convinced that orgone energy and natural magnetic energy are one in the same.

Tecumseh Peace Pendants

Others found and observed a multiplicity of properties while wearing or having close:

  • Time, and the quickening beat is slowed down to a more natural cadence
  • Natural vortices flowing from the multi-dimension crystal coils deflect and neutralize all electro magnetic wave forms
  • Many wearers have found relief to problems associated with the hippocampus region of the brain – experiencing relief from various allergies
  • A reduction of chemtrail particulates accumulation. (The pendants provide repulsion and do the same with radioactive particles.)
  • They have generated no observable unhealthy side-effects
  • Have a calming effect on pets

Pendant/Disrupter order form



Wilhelm Reich invented a very effective device known as a “Cloud Buster” which the Orgone Accumulator is modeled after. He also determined that the device worked best if placed within 20 feet of big trees for maximum ascension and declination (via roots).

The accumulator can help restore ‘natural’ weather and overcome the HAARP weather manipulation system. [1] It also provides an energy vortex that is extremely beneficial to plants (trees and gardens).

Instructions for building Orgone Accumulator

[1] Dr Brooks Agnew explains the HAARP weather manipulation system


Mike Castle’s web page

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  1. Dr. Mike…I should have checked the site more often…and save us on emails. Thanks for the update here. Feel free to have a look at my new blog. (The Blogathon Philebuster. ) The right to, no, the obligation… talk your face off against evil and injustice in the world. Think I would like to build an accumulator box. Perhaps add construction details in the future?

    vs Goliath

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