Dr Castle’s AmeriHaz


(If you think BP and the government have the Gulf oil ‘leak’ under control, read: Why aren’t they demanding the culprits are put in jail!)

On May 21, 2010 Dr Mike Castle (a polymer chemist) announced that he had developed a product, AmeriHaz, with the potential to significantly help clean up the oil that had been released into the Gulf of Mexico by BP’s oil rig disaster. This product is absolutely the safest and most intelligent approach to protecting shorelines and wild life from the pending carnage of the worst oil leak in history.

Unfortunately there was not enough money and/or political will to implement the AmeriHaz Gulf Clean-up Campaign.

To hear Dr. Castle’s discussion (5-21-10) of the Gulf catastrophe and the project to clean up and mitigate the BP oil spill, go to: https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/mc-on-d-raines.mp3


Dr. Castle’s TV interview on the Gulf oil catastrophe and the AmeriHaz solution (includes video)


Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4DJWPz5-iI

AmeriHaz Compendium


Dr Castle’s page

Dr Castle can be contacted at amerihaz@gmail.com

3 responses to “Dr Castle’s AmeriHaz

  1. Addressing the question from ConstitutionalRepublic Party…yes, but not a spill…A catatropohe’….When they discontinue all use of Corexit Dispersant 9500 or other Nalco/Exxon Intoxicant Poisons.
    Followed by immediate utilization of AmeriHaz type Solidifiers, a natural soap cleansing of the Shallow waters of Marshes, Wetlands…these systems will totally recover…in one year or more…to compolete health.

    Using the Pseudomonas Microbes will speed the recovery of all shores and waters, greatly and these methodologies wholud be employed, immediately. But, We are cloacked at every flank an corner….even threaten arrestif We choose to deploy and save these precious things…all I said was ‘hokahey’ !

    We need State’s Attorney Generals to begin major investigations of the corrupt parties, Military, Administraation, certain Congressional and Senatorial Members….Seven US Agencies, EPA, NOAA, MSS, Dept Interior amoung them. This entire debacle is a False Flag…all planned and sold at ‘Put’, Short

    Dr. Michael Castle
    Sovereign Individual Franklin County Ohio

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  3. I will take a look at his proposal and consider making a donation.

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