Michael Castle

Exposing and combating ChemTrail crimes against humanity

As an environmental scientist (and former pilot), Michael Castle became keenly aware of the particulate pollutants that were (are) being dispersed into our ‘air column’. He and others, like Cliff Carnicom, analyzed many samples over the years concluding that aerosolized chemical streams are contaminating our environment, being used to manipulate our weather and are disrupting our natural biological systems.

See Carnicom documentary Aerosol Crimes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmYyvk9Lp-A

Michael Castle’s professional qualifications:

Mike is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor. Environmental Risk Auditors conduct Environmental Phased Assessments for national lending institutions, industry and environmental organizations. These assessments are comprised of sub-surface investigation, geologic interpretation, and core drilling/soil water matrix sample analyses. Per US EPA protocol’s, the Environmental Phased Assessments also include the development and preparation of investigative scope-of-works, and corrective action, remedial action and site post-closure plans.

Mike Castle is a practicing industrial polymer chemist with US Patents in coatings and adhesives. He developed synergistic co-train treatment’s that are utilized in-situ with bacteria to achieve the remediation and clean-up of Hydrocarbon contaminants in soils and groundwaters. These contaminants include Polychlorinated BiPenyls (PCB’s), PolyNuclear Aromatic’s, and other organic/inorganic environmental pollutants. Dr Mike also co-developed a remedial process for neutralizing environmental contaminants referred to as biointegration – for use in the hydrogeological manipulation of groundwaters and contaminated geologic formations. This process uses co-treatments and naturally occurring microbes to remediate the subsurface.

Mike has also discovered many health, environmental and energy ‘natural solutions’ to the problems we all face dealing with our toxic environment.



Building on the work of other scientists, Mike has designed several natural energy devises for counteracting chemtrail damage, EMF pollution and other current high tech risks to our health.



AmeriHaz Compendium

Michael Castle can be contacted regarding Amerihaz at amerihaz@gmail.com


Interviews and audio recordings:

Morgellon’s, Transhumanism, and natural energy devices. June 7, 2011

Explanation of AmeriHaz on Rayedio Lounge, host Dr. Robin Falkov
June 14, 2010

Mike explains his environmentally friendly biofuel invention (Castlelene) on Dr Ott’s radio program, The Story Behind the Story


Papers and/or files:

Castle Concepts: info about Pendants and Disrupter Discs (due to unforeseen circumstances all Pendant/Disrupter orders have been put on hold as of 9-18-11)

Castle Recipes

Combating Exposure to Oil-spill Toxins

Emergency Booms

Kooky Soap

Orgone Accumulator

Overview Assessment of Dispersant Corexit 9500

Psyli-foam Recipe

Reversing Methodologies

The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth


Heavy Metals Poisoning, Brain Injury

Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe Worst in History & What to do Instead


8 responses to “Michael Castle

  1. NOTICE TO DR MICHAEL CASTLE Castle Concepts. Received email request from Dr. John Droz, Jr. PhD Physicist. & environmentalist. Also advises communities as to the industrial scale wind consequences in the areas of the environment, financial,impact and health. Subject:; His connections to the Trump transition team. Persons recommended to head the DOE, EPA and the Dept of Ed. Forwarded as names for adviser positions to the head of the EPA. under the Trump administration. Dr Mike Castle, including white papers sent to Dr. John Droz. Also recommended adviser researcher Cliff Carnicom.. Blessings to Mike. David M

  2. Sadly, Mike Castle died this year. He will be missed.

    • CORRECTION. I have just read on this site ! that my friend Mike has passed away. He had not kept me up to date for some time and was not aware of his health condition. Please extend my condolences to his family. I know his daughter will have interest in passing along his work to the Trump administration, in honour of his extensive work. .
      I will miss his emails and entertaining language. Many blessings to you all., as he was fond of saying.

  3. Do you have instructions for building the orgone generator? I listened to you on the power hour and really enjoyed hearing you speak.

  4. I also heard you on the power hour, I just ordered the willard xxx, I want to try it out on myself and my dogs. you also talked about making wood like material? can anyone make it? If so are you going to share?

  5. HI Dr. Mike;

    I had heard you on the power hour. I would like to know how to build the orgone generator, as well. Lately, I have been thinking there has to be a way to use magnets to generate power.
    Then I started reading a book called ” Babylons Banksters: and there are refereces to other forms of energy. I haven’t reached to part where these forms are described, but it all seems to far fetched to believe. Then yesterday on The Power Hour you were talking about other ways to make energy.
    Thank you for helping to open my mind. I can’t wait for the formula to create an orgone generator.

  6. I am listening, right now on the power Hour. I would like to know about building the Orgone generator.


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