Dissecting the basics of our legal system

UCCTo find our way out of the ‘regulatory’ trap (such as vaccine mandates and licensure requirements) we are all in, we need to dissect the basics regarding our commercial legal system that creates rules, regulations and statutes.

What is the government anyway?

All government entities are listed on Dun and Bradstreet in their all caps names . . . signifying their corporate status. Like the people (example: Jane Doe and JANE DOE) they have two names. Here are verifiable examples:

our government is a corporation

Attorneys who claim the all caps Dun and Bradstreet listings have no significance are misinformed, as the employees for these government entities openly admit they work for corporations. However when asked, the employees claim that the government entities they work for are only corporations so they can “do business”. This is a truthful statement. They are all “doing business”.

The local Boards of Education are a prime example. The school boards have been corporatized in Ohio since 1953. Other state legislatures have passed similar definitions. Here is the entry from the Ohio Revised Code:


There are essentially only two basic types of corporations: for-profit and non-profit. Government corporations are most definitely NOT non-profits. If they were, they wouldn’t be concealing their profits in CAFR accounts, which are huge.

Many attorneys claim that it makes no difference whether or not government entities are corporations. These attorneys are intentionally misleading us, as they know better. If they don’t, they should review the Clearfield Doctrine and the government’s use of private corporate commercial script (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES).

Government corporations cannot pass laws for living men and women, they can only pass rules for their own corporations. Theses rules are called statutes and they only apply to us if we agree to sign their paperwork (contract with them) and/or don’t challenge their authority.

All of our encounters with government entities – and particularly the courts – require our signatures. The paperwork we are asked to sign represents corporate contracts or agreements. Unfortunately, we unwittingly sign these contracts/agreements/forms without scrutinizing them. This is where the scam lies. Everything in America is about CONTRACTS and it is our burden as Americans to make government perform honorably, to be specific and to prohibit them from changing the meaning of common words (such as “person”), which is referred to in their circle of friends as legalese! No one can force you to sign a contract or agreement against your will. Such an act would amount to coercion and nullify the contract/agreement. As most attorneys will affirm, there are basic components necessary to create enforceable contracts and “mutuality” is a biggie. See: APPENDIX D – What is a Contract

So, I’m asking the BAR attorneys to step aside for the moment and stop referring to our Constitutional rights, for they know full well that if we sign a contract abrogating our rights we have agreed to surrender them.

In our courts today contract law is superior to Constitutional or common law. Again, if you consent to surrender your rights by signing the contract, you have agreed to forfeit them. Understanding this basic reality is where our solutions lie. Sadly, BAR attorneys can’t help us implement the real solutions as it would most likely cost them their BAR cards. The American Bar Association (an arm of the Rothschild’s London BAR Guild) was established in America in the early 1900s to do exactly what it has done . . . replace our legal system with maritime/admiralty/statutory law. See: Who is Running America.

Attorneys who don’t understand or accept this information will find attorney Melvin Stamper’s book, Fruit from a Poisonous Tree a real education. This book is extremely enlightening and we highly recommend it. They can also review former World Bank and Ivy League attorney Karen Hudes’s summation of our legal reality. Former World Bank Attorney Exposes the Banksters and the BAR. Here is an audio clip from an interview Ms. Hudes did on a TalkShoe program:

Here is an explanation of the the 13th Amendment that Ms. Hudes referred to: The Missing 13th Amendment

LAWFULLY YOURSMore information about how we got into this pickle and strategies for dealing with our legal system (including legal notices regarding mandatory vaccinations) can be found in LAWFULLY YOURS – The People’s Empowerment Guide to our Corporate-commercial Legal System.


The fact that us non-attorneys are attempting to provide education regarding the basics of our legal system (contract law) is a sad commentary about today’s state of affairs. If the BAR was an honorable institution, it would insure that the basics of government and contract law was taught in high school so that by the time men and women were old enough to sign contracts and/or ‘agreements’ (age 18) they would know how to question what they were being asked to sign. Again, “Everything in America is about CONTRACTS and it is our burden as Americans to make government perform honorably . . .” which it is NOT! The people are unlawfully coerced into signing away their inalienable rights every day.

To learn more, read The UCC and You

2 responses to “Dissecting the basics of our legal system

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  2. Excellent summary of what we are truly dealing with regarding vaccine exemption rights. School registration forms are clearly contracts and have only gotten worse. Recently I was emailed a school registration form that would give any school employee medical power of attorney over your child. I was hoping this was an isolated case but sadly found another school on the other side of the country was also using a similar form at registration. If parents unwittingly sign such a form, forget about vaccine exemptions. In fact, such a form signed by the parent would override a Vaccination Notice. Hoping to discuss this with you further, AL.

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