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The Brits expel the European Union!


For many years the European Union (EU) has functioned in Europe the same way USA INC functions in the United States. Policies were made by an unelected central body that were then inflicted on the unwitting public through a vast network of ‘agencies’ or subcorporations. The United States federal corporation now has at least 450 so-called agencies administering ‘public policy’ from a top-down unconstitutional centralized power structure. This type of structure has done to the Europeans (and Brits) exactly what it has done to Americans, by design. From Air Force Technical Manual, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (1979):

“Thus, a nation becomes divided into two very distinct parts, a docile sub-nation [great silent majority] and a political sub-nation. The political sub-nation remains attached to the docile sub-nation, tolerates it, and leaches its substance until it grows strong enough to detach itself and then devour its parent.”

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars describes the globalist’s agenda that was launched by the GESE at their first meeting at the Bilderburg Hotel in 1954.  This same group of globalists scum conjured up the EU in 1955, as leaked documents have verified, which they have worked diligently and successfully to create.

Let’s hope the Brits fired the EU in enough time to prevent them from being devoured by the Global Elite Scum of the Earth’s European Union.