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The Smartest Guys in the Room


by Ken Maize,
June 19, 2009

However politically incorrect my conclusion, I’m convinced that the “smart grid” is not smart and even dumb. It diverts attention from what is a more important objective–a strong grid. And it politicizes in the very area where we need more consumer-driven, free-market incentives.

Following the Northeast grid collapse of 2003, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) popped out the smart grid concept, largely the brainchild of then EPRI’s CEO Kurt Yeager. The blueprint was for an interconnected intelligent network reaching from the generating station to your toaster, able to talk up-and-down the line, matching supply and demand seamlessly.

Sounds cool, but doesn’t stand up to analysis in my judgment.

Where Did ‘Smart Grid’ Come From?

The idea of a smart grid has been laying around in bits and pieces for many years. I recall visiting Southern California Edison (SEC) in the 1980s where a group of us energy reporters visited the utility’s “smart house.” It kinda reminded me of the Betty Furness advertisements for Westinghouse kitchens when I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 1950s and 1960s. SCE assured us that the smart house, connected to the utility over phone lines (this was pre-World Wide Web) and through radio signals, would dominate home construction in the coming years. (Enron would have a ‘smart house’ a decade later to awe visitors to 1400 Smith Street in Houston, but that’s another story.)

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Smart Grid – Going Global


by Patrick Wood, Editor of August Review
March 2, 2010


According to the United Nations Governing Council of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP),

“our dominant economic model may thus be termed a ‘brown economy.”

UNEP’s clearly stated goal is to overturn the “brown economy” and replace it with a “green economy”:

“A green economy implies the decoupling of resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth… These investments, both public and private, provide the mechanism for the reconfiguration of businesses, infrastructure and institutions, and for the adoption of sustainable consumption and production processes.” [p. 2]

Sustainable consumption? Reconfiguring businesses, infrastructure and institutions? What do these words mean?

They do not mean merely reshuffling the existing order, but rather replacing it with a completely new economic system, one that has never before been seen or used in the history of the world.

This paper will demonstrate that the current crisis of capitalism is being used to implement a radical new economic system that will completely supplant it.

This is not some new idea created in the bowels of the United Nations:

It is a revitalized implementation of Technocracy that was thoroughly repudiated by the American public in 1933, in the middle of the Great Depression.

The Technocrats have resurfaced, and they do not intend to fail a second time. Whether or not they succeed this time will depend upon the intended servants of Technocracy, the citizens of the world.

Indeed, the dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism,
Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy


Founded by Howard Scott and M. King Hubbert in 1932 [ACS Editor’s note-1] during the Great Depression, Technocracy proposed a radical new solution for the world’s economic ills.

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New Smart Meter page

Today we posted a new page – Smart Meters – highlighting excellent research done by many others.  This issue will eventually impact us all.

Part of the Exposing Faux Science series

Information about the problems with Smart Meters

The ‘justification’ for these dangerous meters is energy savings, and there is absolutely no proof that they will do anything to save energy, as electrician Walter McGinnis explained.

Some folks even ‘believe’ that Smart Meters are a way to fight man-made global warming. This is utter nonsense. Most of these people are unaware of exactly who/what is behind man-made climate change. Brooks Agnew explains how our weather is currently being manipulated by HAARP technology.
Dr Brooks Agnew explains the history and capabilities of HAARP on Coast to Coast AM

Smart Meters won’t put a dent in ‘climate change’, they will only make us ill.

Anything you and I do to alter our personal habits cannot make up for the current environmental destruction that is ongoing by the War Machine.
The military’s war on the Earth
“Use as many low-energy lightbulbs as you like, turn down the thermostat and drive a hybrid car, but whatever you do as an individual — indeed, the sum of what we all do for the environment — does almost nothing to alleviate the U.S. military’s destruction of the earth.”

It is time we educate ourselves and OPPOSE Smart Meters.

Public Private Partnerships and Smart Meters

AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011 Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged


More evidence of our PPP form of government

From British Columbia Walter McGinnis, career tester of Electro-Magnetic Radiation, explains the real science (not corporate science) regarding Smart Meters, WiFi in schools and Radio Frequency Radiation exposure. He also explains the threat of cell phone usage, particularly for children. Additionally Walter exposes the ‘open house’ tactic currently used to promote Smart Meters and how the info given to the public is not accurate, but is more corporate-science and ‘spin’.

This video clip demonstrates perfectly how Public Private Partnership (PPP) government works. Contracts are signed between government reps and companies without the public’s input or knowledge. This is government without representation.

SAY NO TO SMART METERS – Mr McGinnis does an excellent job explaining why!

Walter McGinnis’ web site: EMR Health Alliance of BC


And perhaps most importantly, Smart Meters are yet one more layer in the foundation of Transhumanism or the globalist’s nefarious scheme for ‘human evolution’ to the Post-Human state.

From The Age of Transitions:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already a reality. While transhumanists promote the idea that it will soon become massively intelligent and bring about the Singularity, the true level of present AI systems is often not discussed. AI is now being used for:

  • Massive surveillance systems, scouring data-mined personal information from a wide range of digital/online activities, and even CCTV camera footage
  • Promotion of surveillance: the ubiquitous surveillance of everyone at all times

The loss of individual human freedom is being exacerbated by emerging technologies, and this is actually being promoted as a good thing by transhumanists, think-tanks, and governments.

What we must realize is that a surveillance state is not so much a futuristic vision as it is a current reality. Our privacy is eroding via fun interactive technologies and entertainment. Cellular phones/computers are already altering us in ways that most have never realized. Now is the time to slow down, and take stock of what we are enabling.


Public Private Partnership form of Government

Surveillance technology (and Transhumanism) exposed in 2000 by Dr. Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland: Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics

Smart Meters are Not Even Legal

Smart Meter Legal Notice of No Consent – to send electric company BEFORE the installation of the Smart Meter.

Web site

Refuse Smart Meters

The Solution to the World Energy Crisis


20 April, 2011
Tom Bearden

Editor’s Comments:
“And the powering is completely “clean” and “green” since no hydrocarbons are emitted and exhausted into the earth’s biosphere.”

Dr Russell Blaylock’s research regarding ‘orthodox’ medicine (How the globalists corrupted medicine) will explain why this achievement has not been reported by the media or promoted by any environmental organization. Rockefeller’s (and the globalists) gatekeeper system is indeed still in tact. The oil cartel is unlikely to go quietly into the night. The fact this information is not being disseminated and this technology is not being heralded is more proof that the only energy (non)’solutions’ the globalists wish advanced are: biofuels [instead of food], the smart meter control system, mercury filled compact fluorescent light bulbs, carbon taxes and cap and trade [Chicago Climate Exchange].

Sadly, there are MANY things and MANY startling developments that our Congress and our news media do not seem to even be aware of. Either they just ignore them, or just don’t care.

Here’s one very strong example. If you never do anything else “off the beaten path” in your life, please have a good physicist check out the Klimov work (at Los Alamos National Laboratory) and explain it to you.  This work alone could eventually solve the debt problem, for it gives the U.S. (and the world) ABSOLUTELY FREE ENERGY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum.

The work by Dr. Victor Klimov at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is the rigorous scientific proof, including nanocrystalline scientists easily building and demonstrating actual working systems..

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