America is being zombified by psychiatric drugs!


This is an important documentary that everyone should watch, especially if they interact with any of the following entities: public schools, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social services, and our courts. Those that profit from the sale of psychotropic drugs have wormed their way into all of these institutions and are using them to push ineffective, addicting and dangerous products.

It is important to note however, that there is one drug that truly does help people cope – Valium. When properly prescribed and taken, it can help people navigate extremely stressful situations. It has few side effects and is not difficult to wean off of.


4 responses to “America is being zombified by psychiatric drugs!

  1. We live in a backwards world. Poison is medicine and natural cures are illegal and called poisonous. Example: DMT (spirit molecule) is illegal yet our bodies manufacture this substance and it has been successful in curing mental illness and addictions.

  2. Valium is less difficult to wean off of than most other habit forming substances. The reason they quit prescribing it is that it went generic and is relatively inexpensive. Once that happens Big Pharma demonizes the older cheaper drug in favor of the new expensive one.

  3. Sorry, valium DOES have some signiicant side effects. Most importantly, it IS physically addictive. This has been known for at least 50 yrs. I was a therapist for those trying to recover from chemical addiction. This is well-known that valium is addictive and is why M.Ds quit prescribing it – in favor of opiods which are even more addictive. Go figure.

    • If you were a therapist you should know that physically addictive is a misleading term. It can cause *dependency* w/habitual use. Addiction is something altogether different.Many substances we use everyday including
      caffeine can cause dependency. Addiction is another phenomenon seen much less often. It Involves an individual becoming psychologically compulsive, putting a substance first in their life over family, food, job, etc. Many people take ”addictive” drugs everyday and recieve benefits such as becoming more active, more involved in their family, going back to work, etc. Many addicts do not take drugs everyday but when they do it is destructive. That Is the #1sign in telling an addict from a legit patient. One betters their life w/the use of ”addictive”drugs while others live’s fall apart from using the same drug (Often less). As an advocate for and a disabled patient myself I know firsthand. Statements from ”professionals” like yourself
      are very destructive and misleading. They lead to much pain and suffering for those who already suffer enough already.

      IF opiates and sedatives were as ”highly addictive” as the media and criminal DEA make them out to be then everyone would be addicted as just about everyone has taken them at one time or another for pulled teeth, broken bones, surgeries, insomnia, ptsd, etc. However, despite this addicts make up a small % of the population. The #1 indicator of addiction to pharmaceuticals is if the patient had addictive tendencies *before* being prescribed them.There are many out there who are being denied humans care because of ridiculous statements you just made w/an air of authority you do not possess.

      That being said pharmaceuticals should be the last resort not the first option. We need to stop looking to criminals to ”help”w/more punative regulations by unelected bureaucrats. They only hurt those who play by ”the rules” (which we know are unlawful [though legal])

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