Donald Trump is a Zionist!

Sadly, under Donald’s regime, we’ll get more Israel-first policies and more young American men and women going into battle for Rothschild’s criminal haven called Israel. However, Hillary was also a Zionist. As usual the American people had no choice as there were no America-first candidates.


The Rothschild banksters and Israel

Debate of European Jews Settled

America’s worst enemy, Israel

The Sampson Option: Israel’s nuclear arsenal and American foreign policy

The true cost of (Rothschild’s) Israel to US taxpayers

Israel did 9/11

Israel attacked the USS Liberty


7 responses to “Donald Trump is a Zionist!

  1. You do know the Jews are still God’s chosen people?

  2. Just because someone supports Israel doesn’t make them a Zionist. Many othodox Jews don’t even support zionism. Israel is the only democratic country in the middle east. This alone is reason enough to support this tiny bastion of freedom and liberty. Peace, and I enjoy your website! Thank for bringing truth.


    Hi thanks for the email ,the information is fantastic to receive, I wonder if you could help with another matter I would like to get an email address or some form of contact for Donald Trump and Julian Assarge

    Regards Warski Trust


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