Voting is a scam!

This amazing interview of author James Collier by Jeff Rense occurred in October 1996. Collier exposed dishonest election supervisors, League of Women Voters vote maniuplators, corrupt Janet Reno, the FBI and of course the media.

Please note that the election process HAS NOT been made more reliable since James Collier’s research. In fact the ability to steal elections has been much easier since we now have electronic voting and further consolidation of the media. See: Computer voting is Open to Easy Fraud

There is no other possible conclusion for anyone capable of critical thought that voting is an absolute waste of time. In fact, not only does your vote not count, the mere act of being a registered voter creates a really nasty presumption and serves to aid the bad guys for the following reasons:

Only US Citizens can register to vote. Once you register you have declared yourself a US Citizen of the federal corporation.  US Citizens have been classified as “enemies of the state” since 1933 and are generally treated as such by most ‘government’ institutions. As enemies, US Citizens are obligated to the federal corporation’s codes, statutes and regulations which include licensures and registrations.

Conclusion – STOP VOTING and do not participate in the dog and pony show called elections!

16 responses to “Voting is a scam!

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  2. Are property taxes legal? Is this an obvious observation, that owners, do not own their property, when paying taxes? If owners do not have allodial title or a land patent, wouldn’t that imply that the state municipality can seize the property, if the taxes are not paid?

  3. Please explain,how public policy statutes, undermine public law, and how, Judge are ignoring public law, prior to 1938!!

  4. Surely*

    Thanks, sorry.

  5. We’ll know after Trump too. If he doesn’t win that’s surly due to fraud! Thanks.

    • If you read the material, and listened to the Rense interview with James Collier, you will understand that the winner is not chosen by the American people. If we get Trump it will be because THEY want Trump.

      • Well I understand that the system is rigged, but does that mean that no one outside it can step on board with a (/an otherwise poisoned) party (like Trump) without being influenced likewise, and be individually moral? Thanks.

  6. I think they ask you if you’re a citizen of the United States of America on voter registration? Is that different then a United States citizen? What are the definitions?

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  8. I haven’t voted in 15 years, saw throught the outright lies in 2000 “election” and with the current show going on with the Hag and the clown well you guessed it!! won’t this year also!!!

  9. It may be time to march on DC, get as many police and military on our side and prepare for a total rebellion!

    We cant just let these traitors run our country out from under us unabated.

    If we dont take a stand after this, no one from within or wthout will think we even deserve any help or sympathy – if we just continue to allow it to happen to us. Thanks.

  10. Take a look at One Voice Now with David Frank. Voting can be a reflection of what communities already agree upon.

    • I will take a look at that book by David Frank, thank you.

      However, aftet GW Bush stole 2 elections, and made more than half of the voting American public look like complete idiots (to the whole world), especially after the 2nd one, I really doubt that that’s even remotely true.

      If the elections weren’t rigged, then I’d say I agree, naturally. Thanks.

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