Searching for the authority of the IRS

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIAIRS victim John Trowbridge did not take his IRS attack sitting down. He investigated their presumed authority over him (and his property) and started asking for the documentation that obligated him to pay them anything to the District of Columbia Corporation. While he offered many times to pay them once they clarified his status as a US citizen, they were unwilling (or unable) to provide it.

John’s research took him to the same culprit so many of us have discovered: the Federal Reserve. What he didn’t discover is that the IRS is completely apart from the federal government. It is a privately owned for-profit corporation founded in 1933 (same year as FDR’s gold confiscation) in Delaware and headquartered today in Puerto Rico. The IRS is essentially the collection arm of the private Federal Reserve.

Trowbridge explained his journey on Rense Radio on Nov 16, 2015. Here is his story:

John Trowbridge’s web site contains his documents.


8 responses to “Searching for the authority of the IRS

  1. Thank you for sharing my story — my intention is for anyone and everyone to be able to undersrand the hoax of federal jurisdiction and to regain their liberty – YOU are helping to make this happen!


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  3. That is interesting. It will not play on my iPhone, 2 iPads, an iMac, or a regular laptop so something must be wrong

  4. It is an audio, not a video. It works fine on my computer and I had a friend check it out. She reported that it works fine on hers too.

    Sorry you can’t hear it.

  5. Hi,

    The Rense video won’t play would you be able to fix that as this interview needs to be heard by all!!

    Many thanks,


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