US courts cover-up fraud and extortion!


The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body – working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless the check of one branch over the other and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.
Thomas Jefferson

CPS Crimes Against Humanity for Profit


By T. R. Lacovara-Stewart (and,
November 24, 2014

What I have discovered is nothing short of absolute and outright theft, fraud, of such a massive and systemic criminal proportions that it almost must seem as though it was a different reality we are all in. The Federal Government through the State governments have created a climate ripe for embezzlement, identity theft, extortion, 4th Amendment privacy protections destroyed, and have removed many protections to stop the continued growth of agencies that are little more than fattening the pockets of the Banksters. By and for the Banksters, they do exist.

In fact, where the government begins, and where the Corporations end is nearly impossible to tell. The Child Support Enforcement mechanism seeks to monopolize the relationship between parents whether it’s done through welfare enrollment (to initiate a support order) or not — it seems. It is a total-control structure with few limits and controls on itself (upcoming articles on how poorly audited “undistributable” child support — sitting in various place accruing “unreported interest” for the states/counties entities — not for the kids — will show this. I was stunned to realize that the last time the HHS/OIS apparently ran such (partial) audits — without teeth — covers approximately up to the year 2005 or 2006; and only a sample of counties in a sample of states (and only Title IV-D monies) were being investigated.

The topics and issues being discussed are quite complex because of the nature of the multiple welfare programs created within Title IV of the Social Security Act (SSA); so the authors have attempted to provide a simplified overview of how federal welfare funding motivates the state family court judges to remove a willful parent and create high child support orders.

The authors have spent a tremendous amount of time researching external economic factors that they believe drive judicial discretion and influence professional judgment in domestic relations matters. Through their research and experience, the authors have concluded that a relationship exists between the federal funding of state welfare programs and the determinations made by state family court judges presiding over child-custody and domestic relations matters. They believe that it is this relationship that de-emphasizes the importance of sharing parental responsibility, and instead emphasizes a manufactured public policy concerned only on the financial obligations of one parent – rather than on the real interests of the children involved.

The authors have also concluded that, while this relationship has successfully been masked behind what is commonly termed “the best interests of the child,” the federal funding created within the Social Security Act provides clear monetary incentives to states that have a high-occurrence of one-parent households, where a child has the majority of access to only one of their parents. The authors believe that this “best interests of the child” standard is loosely subjective, gives unlimited discretion to state family court judges, and ultimately leaves a tremendous amount of room for abuse.

In simplest terms: State family courts are forcibly depriving children’s access to a parent because it is a source of revenue for the states – and because they can…..

We know that Child Protective Services has been in almost every state, more than dysfunctional, but it would appear that they are little more than a HUGE revenue generating enterprise that has no start and no end that can be found. The Federal Reserve System plays a huge part, along with the International Monetary Fund. And, which should be no surprise, the INTERNATIONAL Social Security System. That’s right folks. Did you really think the Social Security Administration was a Federal program only for Americans ? Did you really think that the United Nations, and our involvement in it was allowed by the Constitution ? When I tell people that our government is NOT our government, I do not mean that they are not listening to us……what I absolutely mean, is that for starters the “actual government” mechanism is the control and authoritarian systematic mind control, much identical to the Roman Caste . The Colosseum was the first seriously well thought out and brilliantly planned public mind control tool. That has been replaced with the television set as well as the continued use of sports stadiums, the venting of the warrior rage directed into entertainment. A “pressure release and distraction.

Here is the crime…. CONTROL…… of EVERYTHING and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT we are told by theorists all the time that is emerging. Every major Presidential politician, as well as the other corporate minions of Rome and the Crown, have been using the same term over and over, and speaking of an “opportunity to do what has “allegedly” NEVER been done.. I say, that is crap, for what has nearly always BEEN. its just bringing it out into the public that is the real issue. This is being done. But I do not believe they believe that someone can so easily see it for what it is. You can’t call someone a Conspiracy Theorist when they are all but smacking you in the face saying so, with or without your consent, like a million “points of light”, such an interesting Luciferian term.

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9 responses to “US courts cover-up fraud and extortion!

  1. angelique hiawia

    I pay child support on an adopted child, the cedar rapids Iowa did not do a back ground check, on my ex husband. he lied to adopt, I tried to get help, of what he did to child, they gave him custody,i pay a lot6 for child support,i have not much for my bills, I m homeless, I did not even seen her once, since he got away with everything. Angelique hiawia

  2. Okay so why aren’t ANYONE reporting “The step by step solutions” to fraud /thefts against unsuspecting law abiding citizens
    We NEED HELP simplified for people to easily understand so we may protect ourselves against these Predators. & save our children from being the ones who ultimately lose through all of this . Please Help,

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  5. Read our affidavit, “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..” and you will see the Big Picture and understand what you are dealing with more clearly.

  6. To help others find the rest of this article and data more resourceful, here is the exact place it is found as an error message may pop up on the first link below in first article.

  7. What a wonderful, accurate written response to our broken, corrupt judicial system. Thank you!

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