West Virginians file suit against the government corporation!


In one of the most important legal (lawful) actions that has ever taken place in America, Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker filed a complaint against the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA for fraud. They did an excellent job of nailing down all of the facts as well as naming the guilty parties in their state. All 50 states have been set up with the same for-profit corporate structure.

Thomas Deegan reads the complaint aloud is this video:

Published on Sep 7, 2015

On 9/4/15, the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government Case 15-0491 was amended at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. A number of new defendants were added to the case including among others, all five justices of the Supreme Court aka, WVA STATE OF SUPREME COURT, the WEST VIRGINIA STATE BAR LAWYER aka, WEST VIRGINIA STATE BAR, and Joseph Manchin III aka, JOSEPH MANCHIN III. These entities who purport to be of and in the case of public servants, government of, by and for the people are not. They are corporate fictions, in the Big Club that George Carlin so appropriately reviled and you and I are not members. What will the Big Club pull next to protect their racket? Keep appraised, step up and be a man, be a child of GOD! It is first and foremost, a spiritual battle! http://www.hudok.info

Thomas Deegan, Phil Hudok and Gene Stalnaker are very brave men acting on behalf of the American people . . . particularly our progeny. If We the People could find a way to bring an end to the Rothschild’s central banking war machine, a.k.a. USA INC, all of the living men, women and children of the planet would be most grateful.

14 responses to “West Virginians file suit against the government corporation!

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  2. Deegan has been arrested. Likely he won’t get a chance to explain himself, or get a fair hearing.

  3. it hs very exciting to finally see someone else besides myself that we have been led to believe that the corporate fiction known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is nothing but an agency of London, UK and it’s land under the auspcices of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, in concert with the Rothschilds. I support every effort to see this becomes not just for West Virginia, but for all the States under their corporate fiction. The Amercan people must make a concerted effort to take back our nation of, by, and for the People of the united States of America. We have been deceived far too long. It’s time to take our nation back.

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  7. There is no legitimate government representing the public, anywhere in America, as far as that goes, I can not determine if there is a legitamate government of the people anywhere in the world.
    We must also eliminate all unelected dictatorial faux orginizations, such as the United Nations, we are not a part of them, and they are not a part of us, they have absolutly no authority over the people of America.
    Tell the U.N. to kiss off, and take their phoney Agenda21 and stick in their pocket, it has no authority of any human child of God!

    • How would I tell the UN to kiss off when they are firmly entrenched in my county and county seat? They are financially intertwined and the towns people and citizens don;y even know it. It’s been happening here since 1978.

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  9. They are 110% correct, The problem is that no knows about the United States Of America Company fraud or we the people don’t care my advise to you is educate yourself. BE AWARE…

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    Please spread the word….

  11. Thanks for posting this story. I’ve been trying to understand the entire case and process for a while, especially since a few of the documents about this West Virginia case were filed here in Maryland:
    “AGRICULTURAL LEIN: 1101 WOOTTON PARKWAY ROCKVILLE, MD 20852 USA”, and the “UCC FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT U.S. TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, Comptroller of Maryland, Enforcement Division Revenue Administration, Center 80 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21404”.
    It is a lot of information and I don’t know how to start – other than copy the files/documents and try to find an attorney and others to help me – at least to understand it all – before I can take any action.
    I doubt that the State of Maryland will be as tolerant in the pursuit of this issue as they have been in the State of West Virginia.

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