Game Theory – From the Cold War to JADE HELM


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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Since the invention of the computer, the Illuminati (Bilderburgers, etc) have been using them to monitor and control the general population. In their “technical manual”, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars they stated: “All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?”

The GAME THEORY was created by schizophrenic mathematician John Nash.  It was represented as a ‘good thing’ in the film War Games with Matthew Broderick (1983). However, the application of Nash’s theory has had huge and devastating consequences for the American people and the countries the Illuminati chose to invade, such at Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The RAND corporation and system’s analysts have participated in a massive social engineering project throughout the country. Their GAME THEORY concepts were inserted into all of our societal institutions. Values such as excellence, honor, compassion and morality have been replaced with monetary motivations because the GAME THEORY requires that numerical values and competition be applied where ever possible.

The following video traces the GAME THEORY from its inception to its most recent application, JADE HELM. Understanding the significance of this information would be greatly enhanced by reading the Air Force Technical Manual, Silent Weapons of Quiet Wars first. Take note of their massive lists of “inputs”.

Convincing any and all employed by the US military to watch this video could conceivable save theirs (and yours) lives. They have unwittingly been indoctrinated into playing a very dangerous war game on behalf of a small group of the world’s most wealthy and nefarious characters, the Illuminati.

John Nash died recently in an unusual car crash, which makes one wonder if he was ‘offed’ before he could recognize that the horrific exercise now taking place on American soil, JADE HELM, is a product of his paranoid creation?


Time to expose the Game Theory


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