Rewarding Murder and Punishing Mercy


By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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Secretary of Defense [war] McNamara was convinced to apply the Game Theory as a strategy in the Vietnam war.  The success of the war effort was defined mathematically using rewards (incentives) for murdering Vietnamese civilians (men, women and children) and punishment (disincentives) for failing to do so. In fact a “body count” game was created for American soldiers, as if murdering the Vietnamese was a sporting event. Let’s not forget the Vietnamese people NEVER represented a threat to the America, nor do Iraqis or Afghanistanis.

Researcher and author Nick Turse searched archives and interviewed American veterans and Vietnamese survivors to put together a clear picture of what actually happened during the war in Vietnam in his book Kill Anything that Moves.  All Americans should listen to the Bill Moyers-Nick Turse interview.

Nick concludes his interview by raising the question as to whether or not this barbaric murderous reward and punishment system is still in place in the American military today.  The answer can be found in John Pilger’s brilliant documentary The War You Don’t See.

When destruction and amorality are rewarded and compassion and morality are punished, over time an entire society can be reduced to barbarism.

Unfortunately The Money Master ‘controllers’ have used mathematics, computers and incentives to victimize, degrade and control humanity via Game Theory style ‘social engineering’ ever since computers were invented. See Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: “All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue. Who will be the beneficiary?”

The incentive (carrot) and disincentive (stick) ‘system’ has permeated all institutions in America; thus creating the extreme level of corruption we are all battling on a daily basis.


Time to Expose the Game Theory


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