The Truth About Smart Meters


A researcher extraordinaire in British Columbia did exactly that and shared what he discovered in a great presentation he did on April 15, 2012.

The following aspects of the smart meter agenda were covered:

  • Illnesses caused by Radio Frequencies (RF)
  • Corporate profiteering
  • False conservation claims
  • Security vulnerability and privacy intrusion
  • Fire threats


2 responses to “The Truth About Smart Meters

  1. Hi Brian, water company is giving me less than two weeks to let them come in my home and replace analogue water meter for smart meter or they will shut off my water. Do I have the right to refuse an RF meter whether it’s from my gas company or my city water company. I read that the federal Government gives me the right to refuse as smart meters were never meant to be forced on customers. Energy policy Act of 2005,Title X11,Subtitle E,Section 1252, (a),(14),(c)…I don’t know if this policy is talking about Canada or USA. Please respond ASAP . Any suggestions on how I should respond to my City utilities department. I live here in Alberta.Please respond to my email I provided you with. Thank you

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