The Matrix and the US Constitution

By Judge Dale, retired

The Matrix and the US Constitution - Judge DaleThe foreign agents who purport to be our public officials ( not servants) are responsible for eliminating the strength of the American Labor Unions, the elimination of our jobs, the erosion of our inalienable rights; have instigated every war or conflict we have ever become involved with in history and they convinced us that it was the other guys fault! They have converted us into corporate fictions, and sold us as securities to foreign corporate investors, and have denied us our heritage! Everything they have been doing is designed to undermine our freedom, liberty and representative form of government!

From Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Air Force Technical Manual (1979):
Experience has proven that the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and
gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of
the basic system [by] . . .
– disengaging their minds
– engaging their emotions
– rewriting history and law and exposing the public to the deviant creation . . .

Excerpts from The Matrix and the US Constitution
Pg 7
The Constitution is not for “We the People.” As mentioned before, the
Colonists were never presented the Constitution to vote on its passage and
approval because the Constitution was never written for them and has been
rewritten two more times since then; but only our government officials know about that! And now, so do you!

Pg 8
Did you know that 98% of the Law Schools in America and England do not
include Constitutional Law as a part of their law curriculum? The reason for this
phenomenon is because Constitutional Law does not apply to or affect the
enforcement of statutes, codes or administrative regulations, which have
replaced constitutional law, the common law, public law and penal law and which have been designed to control you.

Pg 13
The corporate governments and their courts, only have jurisdiction over
corporations. Corporations have no rights or jurisdiction over living people and are only provided considerations, which have been pre-negotiated in contracts by their directors. Otherwise, they’re governed totally by commercial law, and so are you!

Pg 22
The IMF holds the controlling interest in all the banks in America! The IMF is the Rockefeller and Rothschild Empires, along with the eleven wealthiest families in the World.

Pg 22
Not one penny of the Direct Federal Income Tax, paid through the IRS, is ever
for or deposited into the United States Treasury. Those Taxes are deposited into
the Federal Reserve Bank for the Masters use. The IRS belongs to the International Monetary Fund, who also owns the Federal Reserve Bank.

Pg 23
The state constitutions were rewritten again during the Clinton Administration,
except now they are called the Constitutions of Interdependence! These
Constitutions read just like the Declaration of Independence, except that “We the
People” have been eliminated.

Pg 24
To take a loyalty oath to support, defend and obey the Constitution now is to swear an oath to your Masters; to be ever loyal to them! “Slaves you are and slaves you will ever be!”

Pg 30
Equity Law, which once controlled Americas’ Corporate Courts, has been
replaced with Admiralty/Maritime Law, pursuant to Title 28 of the United States
Code and the Judiciary Act of 1789. This is the Law of Merchants and Sailors.

Pg 30
We are not free men; we are slaves, and bound to our Masters by adhesion
contracts and secret Trusts. The goal of the masters and their (agents) our elected officials, is to keep the people oppressed and subservient to them!

Pg 30
The more regulations, statutes and codes created, and the greater the number of
regulatory officers and agencies created to enforce them; the greater the Masters
control over their Slaves and that is mind control by force and threat of force, by the very people we rely on, to protect and serve!


According to the Federal Registry, USA INC now has 450 “agencies” making rules, regulations and statutes.  FDR created the Federal Registry in 1935 by an Executive Order . . . during a so-called “national emergency”.  These agencies represent an unelected fourth branch of the corporate government.



2 responses to “The Matrix and the US Constitution

  1. Can someone please explain rule NISI!! I am dealing with a contempt action, regarding a Civil debt, and summons! I realize these are all contracts can UCC be used to claim the COMMON LAW rights under the CONSTITUTION! As the State of GEORGIA has plenty of statutes and these proceedings are both civil and criminal at the same time! I see words like Defendant/ Respondent in the same documents and of course the STATE is prosecuting the CASE on behalf of the mother! Does she have to be in court or can they prosectute the case on her behalf and not provide me the same protection! Thanks

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