The Federal Communications Commission is NOT what they claim to be!


by AL Whitney (C) copyround 2014
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FCC - Smart MetersThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is NOT a health protection organization. The FCC is a for-profit private corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet (like ALL the so-called ‘government agencies’) and is headquartered in WASHINGTON DC. The employees of the FCC DO NOT work for the American people!!!! Their job is NOT to protect Americans from harmful Smart Meters and/or other wireless technology. The job of the FCC is to give cover (plausible deniability) and credibility to the wireless industry and protect them from lawsuits.

The following, directly from the FCC website, is a good example of ‘word crafting’ aka propaganda. Spin words and phrases are used ad nauseum. However, the first sentence tells it all.

Current Exposure Limits

While there is no federally developed national standard for safe levels of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy, many federal agencies have addressed this important issue. In addition to the Federal Communications Commission, federal health and safety agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have been actively involved in monitoring and investigating issues related to RF exposure. For example, the FDA has issued guidelines for safe RF emission levels from microwave ovens, and it continues to monitor exposure issues related to the use of certain RF devices such as cellular telephones. NIOSH conducts investigations and health hazard assessments related to occupational RF exposure.

The rest of the information on this web page is pure double talk, and is merely a distraction. None of the so-called ‘agencies’ were established to protect the American population. So submitting petitions and public comments to them is as productive as submitting petitions and public comments to STANDARD OIL,  GOLDMAN SACHS, or the FEDERAL RESERVE.

All government agencies (to include the FCC, EPA and FDA) are part of an unconstitutional corporate network that has been established to give ultimate power and control to the private consortium of bankers known as the FEDERAL RESERVE.  And, as long as these agencies (and other government entities) use privately owned “commercial paper” – aka the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – they are no different than private corporations. (See the Clearfield Doctrine.) We need to recognize that there is no private corporation on the planet that puts the health of the population above their financial bottom line. Corporations are chartered to generate profit and reduce liability for their owners . . . PERIOD.

The UNITED STATES, and all of its subdivisions, is not a sovereign government. It is a for-profit corporation chartered by the FEDERAL RESERVE banksters in 1925 – without the knowledge or approval of American people. And, to expect this massive militaristic corporation to protect the American population from harm . . .  is foolish beyond belief.

From The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale:

Page 10
All of this deception is compounded by the refusal of ordinary
Americans to realize, know or understand that it is this secrecy
and duplicity of privately owned corporations, being
surreptitiously portrayed as American agencies and government,
coupled with the deceit and endless greed of Israel, European
Bankers [the FEDERAL RESERVE] and the Royal and Elite families of the World, that have come together to fleece the American people . . .

From Who is Running America

Page 5
The Federal Reserve is at the root of most of our present statutory regulations, “laws”, in the control and regulation of virtually all aspects of human activity in the United States, through successively socialistic constructions laid upon the Commerce clause of the Constitution. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the “STATE” of the United States.


Those who make the money make the rules!

And the STATE of the UNITED STATES is controlled by the owners of our currency . . . the private FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE aka the dollar!


4 responses to “The Federal Communications Commission is NOT what they claim to be!

  1. While I agree that the alphabet soup agencies do not act in the interest of the people (and they are still illegitimate and unconstitutional even if they did) and are captured by corporate interests…. but you make a very poor case of the fact other than just claiming that it is so.

  2. Judge Dale exposed that all soup are nothing but a private corporate network…His reports are on and other truth sites..


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