Smart meters, federal agencies and truth

by AL Whitney (C) copyround 2013
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Smart MetersIn every community there seems to be a few intelligent folks who don’t accept the ‘official’ position, but choose to investigate matters on their own. Then there are the “sheeple” – also known as the “go along to get alongs”. The sheeple are in the majority.

However, there is an intelligent and brave man in Marysville, Ohio – a former Police Chief – who the Columbus Dispatch wrote about last April. He said no to having a wireless meter in his home.

He is absolutely right, as are the enlightened people of Westerville, Ohio mentioned in the article. They have also said NO to Smart Meters!

This article is yet one more good example as to why you cannot trust local newspapers [in this case the Columbus Dispatch], the utility companies and/or our local ‘governments’ to tell you the truth.

Excerpt from the Dispatch article:
“The transmitters have been controversial elsewhere, especially in California, where people say the radio waves have caused neurological problems and could lead to cancer. Recent studies, however, have found the transmissions to be far below Federal Communications Commission maximums.”

The FCC?? What a joke! They have nothing to do with safety. Now we know that reporter Holly Zachariah is fairly ignorant about the roles of different government agencies and just reports the ‘politically correct’. She doesn’t even know what these so-called agencies really are or whose interests they represent!

The fact is: EMR research was stopped by the White House when scientists were just starting to discover the health hazards. Here is a short audio clip: White House shuts done EMR research labs

The corporations and local governments all quote federal “agencies” as a reliable source of info. Most people – and nearly all government employees – are totally clueless as to what these so-called agencies really are. Even the agency’s own employees have been bamboozled. They are all political, which is exactly why George Bush Sr could shut down EMR safety-research labs and get both Aspartame and GMO’s approved.  Hello???? Let’s not forget Obama and Monsanto

This is not to say that all employees of the agency network are bad people. (Heck, not all employees of Monsanto are bad people.)  It is just time to recognize what this network of agencies actually is and who they all work for.

Did you know that the FDA was actually established as a cover for Rockefeller’s petro-chemical industry!! This 10 minute video clip could actually save your life. It is information that has been deliberately concealed from the public: The Food and Drug Administration and the chemical Industry

Yet these political agencies are sited by both corporations and ‘governments’ all of the time to justify actions that actually harm the public. And this includes the Public Health agency network in Ohio.

Here is a short statement about the dangers of Smart Meters by a Public Health veteran and expert – who is actually knowledgeable.
The current world in which we all live is run by one extremely important rule of law. If you don’t formally object, you are officially consenting. There is nothing in between!! A former police chief in Marysville Ohio has said no to smart meters. Bravo to him!!

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