Judge says USA INC is just a corporate franchise network

Judge Dale, retired
Thursday, 11 April 2013

THE SOVEREIGN CITIZEN by: Judge Dale, retired

USA INC ABCs 4Our federal government has instructed our federal, state and local police agencies that everyone who purports to be a SOVEREIGN should be TREATED as a TERRORIST! They have also brainwashed the American public into believing that being a SOVEREIGN is anti-American and unpatriotic! Perhaps this is: “The POT calling the KETTLE black?”

WHAT IS SOVEREIGNTY? It is the inherent right and prerogative of a civilized people to rule itself, and to dictate all of the forms and conditions of the institutions it sets up to carry out this rule. Ironically, the U.S. SUPREME COURT agrees with those people who claim to be SOVEREIGN citizens of the American Republic!

  • Bond vs. UNITED STATES, 529 US 334 – 2000, The Supreme Court held that the American People are in fact Sovereign and not the States or the Government. The court went on to define that local, state and federal law enforcement officers were committing unlawful actions against the Sovereign People by the enforcement of the laws and are personally liable for their actions.
  • Bond v. United States, 529 US 334 – 2000 – ‎Supreme Court – Cited by 761 litigants in other cases.
  • Bond v. US, 131 S. Ct. 2355 – 2011 – ‎Supreme Court – Cited by 306 “ “
  • Bond v. US, 1 F. 3d 631 – 1993 – ‎Court of Appeals, 7th – Cited by 66 “ “

What are the implications of this 2000, U. S. Supreme Court ruling?

1] The delegates to the first Federal Convention prohibited the use of corporations by all governments representing the American Republic. Therefore, all of these corporate governments and their corporate laws are a usurpation of the organic Constitution of the United States of America. All State Governments are now sub-corporations of the Federal Government, making all Courts and all law enforcement personnel, corporate federal agencies or employees. [See: James Madison Journal of the Federal Convention, Vol. 2, P. 722] and [Pull up your State Code on your PC and search the Code for the words “District of Columbia” and “Federal Government.” You will receive about 1000 references linking your state to the federal government.]

2] The state and federal government is a corporation and therefore the Congress, State Legislatures, City Councils, Municipalities and all State and Federal Courts are corporate entities posing as Constitutional branches of government.

3] Corporations are privately owned businesses, meaning that the Corporate United States belongs to one or more private individuals, which is always governed by a Board of Directors. The Corporate United States is privately owned by a group of European Royal and Elite individuals tied to the Federal Reserve System and the letters of incorporation are recorded in the Vatican. The President of the United States is actually the CEO of the United States and the Congress and all others are corporate employees. Everything they do is in the interest of the corporate owners! I can’t access those documents because of National Security.

4] In order to promulgate and enforce Criminal Laws to govern the SOVEREIGN public, government must be SOVEREIGN too, which is an accepted RULE of LAW derived from the, Ancient Law of Kings. Corporations are not and can never be SOVEREIGN. They are not real, they are a fiction and only exist on paper.

5] Therefore, all laws created by these government corporations are private corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to conceal their true nature.  Do the Judge and your lawyer know about this? You bet they do!

6] Since these government bodies are not SOVEREIGN, they cannot promulgate or enforce CRIMINAL LAWS; they can only create and enforce CIVIL LAWS, which are duty bound to comply with the LAW of CONTRACTS. The Law of Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency! Did you ever agree to be arrested and tried under any of their corporate statutes? For that matter, did you ever agree to contract with them by agreeing to be sued for violating their corporate regulations?

[Citations and Complaints are contracts but they lack transparency because you were never told what might happen to you if you agree to contract, and that you had a right to refuse the accommodation!]

7] Do any of Americas Courts have Jurisdiction over a SOVEREIGN? Yes … but only by your consent to be judged by the Court. Can they compel [Summon or Subpoena] you to appear or participate in their process? No … they can’t compel you and Yes … they can ask but you can reject the accommodation in writing and nothing can be done about it because you have refused to give the court jurisdiction over you!

8] Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law enforcement officers are unlawful actions being committed against the SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for their actions. [Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000]

9] There being no Constitutional Criminal Laws or Transparency in the American Justice System, everyone arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison under these CIVIL LAWS are in prison by CONSENT and therein, all American Jails are actually DEBTORS PRISONS!

10] Most of the County and State Prisons and all of the Federal Prisons are privately owned corporate businesses for profit, which kick back to the sentencing Judges. The Bureau of Prisons Privatization Management Branch provides general oversight, for these institutions. So if you are convicted in these Courts, you can expect to serve some jail time! Now you know why America has such high prison populations!

11] Can the State Government and Courts take Custody of your children? Only with your consent, otherwise their agents and officers can be held personally liable for their actions! Orphans are a different matter and can become wards of the Court until emancipated.

Corporate governments are a usurpation of the organic American Constitution and this corporatist onslaught in America has since its creation, been an ANTI-SOVEREIGN and TERRORIST REGIME and are in fact the real TERRORIST and TRAITORS to the American Republic.

Blessings, Judge Dale, retired


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24 responses to “Judge says USA INC is just a corporate franchise network

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  3. Judge Dale clarified what happened to Bond vs US in his article about the 13th Amendment:


    “What they haven’t said is that: We AMERICANS are really SOVEREIGN and that all American governments, courts and agencies are unconstitutional private foreign CORPORATIONS for profit; that have absolutely NO authority or jurisdictional power over the SOVEREIGN AMERICAN REPUBLIC! The Supreme Court admitted this in the year 2000, in their decision of [Bond v. United States, 529 US 334, 2000] and our government controlled media swept it neatly under the carpet! In an attempt to avoid repercussions, the government created a false case and decision titled [US v. Bond] before the federal appeals court reversing the US Supreme Court. Some of you would never realize that there is NO body of law that can reverse the US Supreme Court; it’s the highest court in America even under their corporate regulations but then creating “illusions” and lying to the American Republic is second nature to them!”

  4. Title # 4 U.s Flag !

  5. I did a search of the James Madison Journal of the Federal Convention and found no prohibition on the use of corporations by governments. I want proof that i can use. I don’t want to just regurgitate talking points that someone is regurgitating from someone else who has a belief that they agree with.

    “Just because you read a quote on the internet doesn’t necessarily make it true” – Thomas Jefferson

    • A federal Government can not be a corporation and a Corporation can not be a federal government. This corporation government is operating in fraud. We are imprisoned by the fake legal system and the fake money system. All of our debts are paid, yet THEY withhold what is rightfully ours and us our credit for themselves.
      all of them should hang in washington for treason because that is what they have committed. They should all be gathered up and one hung from every light pole in washington dc.

  6. Amazing how the government people act so perfect and righteous while putting people in prison, taking money and lying to all.

    Unless these people come clean then I say no way out for them. A joke of mine is….”I signed my sorry papers”, meaning let me out of jail. Non violent/non victims crime.

    Give them chance they gave no one else…

    If not hang them.

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  8. can someone please tell me who is Judge Dale? I like all of his postings, but I can’t explain to my readers who he is. Is it a pen name for someone who wishes to remain anonymous?

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  12. Judge Dale who?
    Where was he supposedly a judge?

  13. India is passing through the worst phase in its history where degratation of health care in hospitals,restaurants & food shops has become the accepted norm of the society.

    Our private medical colleges charging huge capitation for admission & medical practitioners charging kick-backs from the diagnostic services and pharmaceuticals companies making mega-profits by selling their medication. There is also so much corruption in health insurance, medical billing,misuse of govt.fund & CSR Funds. The public hospital fails to perform any advanced diagnostic or surgical procedure as either the equipment is not available or is not repaired. Most senior staff leaves by 1PM to start their private work and leave the hospital to be run by trainees or their juniors. Accountability is absent . So private hospitals are charging so much fees & making fool to patients. We have to stop unauthorized clinical trials also.

    There is degradation of hygiene level at restaurant,food & sweet shops & at street vendors .They are playing with health of peoples on basis of taste & hunger. we have to work togather against corruption.

  14. Sir/madam,our NGO is only who is working against health corruption in Delhi, India .please contact for any help,thanks.

  15. My view is simple. Washington D.C. AKA “Roman Hill” of the 1700s is not a part of the united States. It an entirely separate city-state/nation and it operates with it’s own set of laws as a paralleling imitation of the united States. It claims authority by fraudulent deception.

  16. this is not news to anyone who’s investigated this field of inquiry at all. For starters, watch a YouTube series called “You Own A Bond -The Crown Connection” . It’s 5 parts because part 2 is split, but total of about 3/4 hour. Turn the sound off and read – learn how the Crown ie the Illuminati global banksters, own USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and much more. All law is basically Admiralty (Maritime) law. Corporations are deemed “persons”. Your “corporate person ID” ie your Strawman, is the name on your SSN/SIN card or driver’s licence, usually in capitals.Check out barefoot’s world dot net, about the State Office of Person, and Sui Juris, as well as Parens Patriae.

  17. ERRATA: In #8 above, Supreme Court decision “Bank v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000” should actually be “Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000.”

  18. Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez

    Are really the Mexican and United States governments working mutually against illegal businesses?
    What we can see it is that criminals are getting into the political power receiving huge amounts of bribes, illegal management businesses is more relevant than the economy and people of both countries, it seems that basic economic principles are forgotten in the underground of the legal businesses.
    Using media, tax money, killing civilians, slavery children among others is only the peak of the iceberg. Bribes have increased given by the BRIC countries as well as supporting all kind of illegalities to increase the wealthiest of the Forbes richest men in the world using Free Trade Agreements when there is no scientific evidence that the accounting principles are even the same in all these countries wishing to increase their commerce, so financial, economic, engineering, accounting frauds are common in this global economy affecting millions of people in extreme poverty while the politicians are getting more and more money on their side all the time, they are using high school consultant coming from Indian origin through IT monopolies.
    Common people has to understand the economic mistakes done, protecting extremist groups like the Opus Dei, the white supremacists (slavery), and other mafias around the world. They are creating a fantasy world that gives magical solutions in business and government; nobody is impressible to solve scientifically all this situation and they are killed using the force of the Agencies with electronic weapons worldwide. Only the mafia people are the one defining our future while the BRIC countries are taken advantage, the dark side and the use of the force are better than scientific knowledge for these politicians.
    It is important to legalize what it has to be legalized to be more focus in the real economy, and real problems, instead of being working in the unknown illegal businesses and fantasy. It is a waste of government time to continue in this unproductive path, and damaging people using the New Order technology at the same time.

  19. Please cite “Judge Dale” ‘s full name and place of residence – so his position and writings can be verified. Thank you.

    • If you click on the flag on our home page you will be directed to an article (also a brochure) with all of the verifying links you might wish to review. Judge Dale has chosen to remain in the background as coming forward is likely to be bad for his health – if you know what I mean. The piece on this web site featuring Frank O’Collins sheds even more light on this nefarious devious ‘system’ we are now awakening to.

    • There is good reason “Judge Dale” doesn’t cite his full name and place of residence. Anyone with common sense would realize that he’s already putting his neck out enough as it is. Particularly after what happened to the Credit River decision judge, who ended up suspiciously drowned in a fishing accident 6 months after his decision. The vast majority are highly appreciative of the fact that we are getting inside information from one who opened his eyes, who refused to play the game, against us. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXHboGUckwY to 4 minutes 50 seconds in, Congressman West says the exact same thing, that Obama is just the CEO of a corporation.

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