The Bankruptcy of America – 1933

[The following is excerpted from Judge Dale’s THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE – Complete Work by Judge Dale; pg 36.]

By Judge Dale, retired

our corrupt legal system_2

Public Trust

On March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 by the 73rd Congress, was voted into law, which is the Emergency Banking Act.  This Act declared the Treasury of the United States, ‘Bankrupt’, which is an impossible feat since the U. S. Treasury was secretly closed by the Congress twelve years earlier in 1921.  The Emergency Banking Act succeeded in abrogating America’s gold standard and hypothecated all property found within the United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank.

All Sovereign American Citizens residing within the Republic of States suddenly and falsely were expatriated from their Sovereign American status without their knowledge or consent and their labor, souls, children, property, sweat equity and credit became the financial collateral for the public debt, which had then been converted into a Public Trust, which had been scripted after the ancient Roman Trusts.

“Script” money or [negotiable debt instruments] was issued by a private corporation, which is owned by a group of Sabbatean European Jewish Bankers and which is known to everybody as: “The Federal Reserve System.” These promissory notes were called Federal Reserve Notes and our future treatment by the U.S. Government was to be redefined under USC Title 50, ‘The Trading with the Enemy Act’ in which American citizens are defined as, “an enemy of their government” and this is the reason why Lincoln’s Declaration of War is renewed yearly by Congress and the President!  In the same year President Roosevelt closed THE VIRGINIA COLONY CORPORATION and opened a new Government Corporation called: THE UNITED STATES, INC.

“The Federal Reserve Act” was designed and written by a German National who was repatriated into the United States in 1903 through Ellis Island of New York.  His name was Paul Warburg, and who was a carbon copy of Alexander [Levine] Hamilton.  Mr. Warburg was a Sabbatean German Jewish Banker and CFO of the Rothschild Banking Empire.  Mr. Warburg’s assignment was to craft a piece of legislation designed to control the finances of the United States Corporation from Europe.  The Federal Reserve Act is approximately 1500 pages and places the currency and finance for the United States Corporation under a private corporation called, “The Federal Reserve.”  The Federal Reserve is owned lock, stock and barrel, by the Sabbatean/Rothschild Banking Empire and not by the people or the corporate government of the United States.

The Great Depression of 1929, like so many other catastrophes before and after this date was actually a staged event, concocted by the Sabbatean/Rothschild and Rockefeller Banking Empires; the Queen and British Parliament; the US President and Congress; the Vatican and numerous Elite families to steal America’s gold and silver reserves and replace it with, “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or Script money.  Their theft was ingenious and by allowing the public to fall on hard times, the public soon began to demand that the government fix the problem by any means necessary!

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Editor’s comment
The reason the vast majority of American’s are unaware of this scheme is because attorneys take an oath of secrecy. The commercial contract system that has been built upon this ‘system’ is very lucrative for lawyers, judges, and bankers. None of them are likely to support its exposure and destruction. In 1934 Rep Lewis McFadden exposed the banksters and was poisoned to death. And Rep Traficant was ultimately removed from his Congressional Seat.  However, Americans really do need to awaken and stop treating our so-called ‘government’ as if it is legitimate – it is anything but!


3 responses to “The Bankruptcy of America – 1933

  1. Look at the banksters reaction to Cryptocurrencies. The want to ban them because they create real competition. The public is looking for an out from the fiat currencies and want in to a democratic currency that cannot be manipulated by anyone. The same banksters are causing the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies by buying them in bulk and hyping them. As soon as the public opt in, they begin selling them to scare away the public. Many people lost fortunes in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies, due to this hype.
    Goldmans Sachs and JP Morgan never spoke bad about Cryptocurrencies until after they quietly bailed out. What a surprise!
    To show you how bad the system is stacked against the small guy, try raising capital for your small business, like say, $1 Million. You need audited statements to go for crowd funding. You can only sell to accredited investors if you raise funds with non-audited statements. You cannot pay a money-finder. So much for individual money brokers. Break any of these rules and get 15 year Federal Prison sentence. Twenty years ago, nobody batted an eye when you put an ad in the newspaper looking for money. Money brokers were everywhere. Banks loaned you money, if they knew you. Bank losses were minimal. Today, small business is virtually destroyed. You need money? Proof your cash flow and the criminal merchant cash advance firms, backed by Hedge Funds will loan you blood money at over 100% effective interest.
    The only way to solve this is for each and every small business to break the law, raise capital by advertising heavily, using Google ads, and flee this country if the Feds come after you for any reason.
    We need a peoples revolt where we do not fear big government.
    So long as we have H1B visa holders pilfering our jobs and standard of living, as a juror, I cannot EVER convict anyone of violating US securities law. I have always been a law abiding citizen, but the law of nature overrides ANY man-written law; ALWAYS.
    American Greed is a reflection of the misery the average American is living. A few brave souls freak out and go a little overboard with the money they raise, figuring, they better enjoy the life-style, while that can, because, sooner or later, the Feds will come after them. Meantime, innocent investors, who are looking for better long-term security, invest in them and lose all their money. You don’t see the Feds bailing out the small investor who just lost their life savings. They just got a life sentence of poverty.
    All of this is due to the enslavement of global citizens by these banksters.
    You have over 15% of American homeless; much worse than Greece. Inflation has more than doubled the cost of living in the US, over the last 20 years, but the average American makes 20% less than 20 years ago.
    Unfortunately, many more Americans, especially formerly high paid professionals, face possible homelessness and poverty, as they retire. Age discrimination very rarely gets enforced, but is rampant. Try to get a job at age 64, in the US, especially if you are a software developer. Yet, Trump is touting that we have a labor shortage. Maybe, in manufacturing, that has gone offshore for over 20 years. Most young people know nothing about manufacturing, and companies want government to pay to train people. Yes, we may have a shortage in manufacturing, but we have to get companies to pay for training, since they benefit from it.
    Meantime, we need to push for H1B to go away. You need H1B workers? Great! You can hire them for $200 per hour, if you truly need them. Otherwise, hire American professionals who are now managing restaurants, selling card or furniture, or staying home, while their spouse works in nursing. You don’t see Trump fixing those issues. Instead, he wants to deport DACA immigrants; children who came in young and here for over 10 years, now owning homes and businesses, paying more taxes than the average American and employing over 4 Million Americans.
    America is already Bankrupt! In the last 2 years, I have seen more Americans move to Greece for jobs, than Greeks moving to the US.

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  3. Shocked! Is how people are supposed to react to this information. But are we really. I read the rest of the article, not surprised, but scary. The collapse of the US in 1929 should have been a wake up call for all Americans. Those who went through it should have told their children, perhaps they did, but still fell on deaf ears and minds. Good expose’, or otherwise, thanks.

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