Open letter from a Grandmother to her daughters regarding Gardasil

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged

Dear Family,

vaccine1As you all know, I am madly in love with your children. Their health and their future is of the utmost importance to me. In fact, there is nothing more important to me than their future well being.

That said, we need to talk.

As you all know your father and I have been closely involved in the medical profession for most of our adult lives. During the past 40 years we have observed – from front row seats – many changes in how medicine is practiced.

As a reminder, here is a brief synopsis of your father’s medical career:

  • Was a resident in internal medicine for 18 months
  • Completed a three year residency in anatomic pathology
  • Taught medical school for seven years
  • Did a residency in general practice, passed the necessary exam and became a Board Certified physician in Family Medicine
  • Worked for the OSU urgent care clinic system for fourteen years
  • Took many many hours of continuing medical education

And here is mine:
I started my medical career as a hospital billing clerk. Then I was trained at Northwestern University in Chicago in Respiratory Therapy, did an internship-period at the University of Chicago, passed both a written and an oral exam to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist, was a supervisor in a hospital RT dept, and taught both advanced and basic life support.  My last job in the profession was as a secretary for your father.

Your father and I have had many discussions regarding the medical profession over the years, as you know. It is safe to say that both of us were well trained and indoctrinated in the ‘field of medicine’ which sadly has now become an ‘industry’.  Doctors speak out: healthcare has been reduced to a money making factory

In 2009 the H1N1 ‘pandemic’ caught my attention and I started doing independent research regarding vaccines. I made many rather uncomfortable discoveries which were impossible to ignore. To share these discoveries – which few if any others were researching in Ohio – I started a web site: For Ohioans Not only did I learn about vaccines, I learned a lot about our so-called government.

What I discovered shouldn’t shock you too much, but hopefully will help you understand my grave concerns regarding the health and safety of your children (my much adored grandchildren) when you put them in the hands of the medical-industrial complex.

Here are the highlights of my discoveries:
1) Over the past 40 years Big Pharma and big corporate medical enterprises – like OhioHealth and OSU – have colluded to change medicine into a massive for-profit enterprise. This for-profit enterprise system includes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). All three are listed as private for-profit corporations on Dunn and Bradstreet.

2) Physicians are trained during medical school to respect these ‘institutions’ (FDA, CDC, & NIH) and most never challenge this indoctrination. They naively rely on these quasi government ‘institutions’ for accurate information regarding the safety and effectiveness of drugs and therapies. The assumptions our well indoctrinated physicians make about these mammoth (for profit) agencies are false, dangerous and many times deadly to their patients. For example, the CDC establishes recommendations for the administration of vaccines. But, who is in charge of the CDC? Here is a brief handout explaining how Big Pharma controls both the CDC and the World Health Organization.

3) To understand the vaccine issue, it is also important to know that Congress gave Big Pharma total immunity from any liability regarding vaccine injuries (including death) back in 1982. Immediately thereafter, the number of vaccines produced and recommended to physicians rose astronomically. Vaccine Schedule

You are all wise enough to recognize the following tragic reality that now faces all Americans: health and wellness are NOT profitable for the medical industry – illness, particularly chronic illness, is.

During my pandemic research, I discovered the work of Dr Sherry Tenpenny (Cleveland, Ohio). I even became good friends with one of her employees. After reviewing her research, I developed total confidence in her findings.
Here is a very important video that Tenpenny did about the Gardasil vaccine. Watching it could actually save the lives of your children.

Recently your father went to a Continuing Medical Education course. A gynecologist told the room of physicians that Gardasil is an important vaccine and that it is both safe and effective. Your father was the only one in the room to even question the speaker about this dangerous unnecessary vaccine. This should prove to you all how indoctrinated the vast majority of physicians have become. Not only that, according to your father the insurance company reimbursement rate is higher for physicians who manage to get ALL of their patients to accept ALL CDC recommended vaccines. Doctors are actually paid MORE to harm their patients by pushing dangerous drugs on them. If you find this hard to believe, here is another video that I strongly recommend you watch. It accurately describes the origins and purpose of the Food and Drug Administration: The Rockefellers and the FDA

Now that I’ve shared this info with you, the ball is in your court. It is up to YOU to review the material I have provided and advocate for the health and safety of your children. Please remember that they are too young to advocate for their own well being – that is OUR JOB!

If you are uncomfortable opposing the recommendations of your physician, just ask nicely for the package insert provided by the drug company. Tell the physician that you wish to take it home and read it and will get back to him/her with your decision. Stand firm, as he/she has a monetary ($$$) reason to convince you to allow your children to be vaccinated. Your father will be glad to explain any medical terms you don’t understand OR you can locate a medical dictionary at the public library and look them up yourselves. We have complete confidence, that if you take the time to READ the warnings about vaccines, you will do everything in your power to protect the children from them.

Here are real life tragic stories about Gardasil victims:

Here is more information about vaccines in general:
The medical industry and toxic vaccines

All vaccines are contaminated – every last one of them

More vaccine lies are exposed

LoveWith all my love,

ps    Your father read this letter and totally agrees with everything I wrote! If you want to know who ‘commercialized’ OSU, it’s Medical Center and its Clinic Systems, look no further than the OSU Board of Trustees. Les Wexner (founder of ladies sexy underwear chain Victoria Secret and sweat shop profiteer) has been on the Board since 1994. “Wexner, founder and CEO of retail giant Limited Brands Inc., earlier this year ended three years as board chairman, during which his family and the Limited foundation pledged a record $100 million toward a $2.5 billion fundraising drive at the school. This year the university renamed the Wexner Medical Center in his honor in recognition of the gift.”

15 responses to “Open letter from a Grandmother to her daughters regarding Gardasil

  1. Lets not forget that Les Wexner was closely associated with Epstein who was a convicted and protected Pedophile/child sex trafficker. Ohio has joined the slime of the world.

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  3. unfortunately, too many people in this country are too lazy and scared to think for themselves, pull the wool off their eyes and realize they are being brainwashed for money..

  4. When we have had enough? Sheeple, wake up!! Vaccines are not safe!

  5. I know there is continued denial that vaccine(s) given to the very young, in fact required for school admission, very well could be responsible for autism. It must be becoming obvious that there are too, too many cases of autism occurring…there must be a cause and effect.

  6. A great letter and fantastic links. We all have a responsibility to question the status quo and investigate how we arrived here in the first place.

    Every single country on earth has corruption problems. Why is it so difficult to imagine that those problems could have pervaded the trillion dollar medical industry?

  7. Vaccines have done some great things in the eradication of severe diseases that used to regularly kill or permanently maim people… however I feel there’s no great benefit to humanity from vaccinating against common and annoying but easily recovered from diseases such as flu.

    • Vaccines are neither safe nor effective. You can start your education process at this web site:

    • Research the Spanish flu. He’ll, just look at recent stats. Influenza is a deadly disease. But why am I saying this on this site.

      • I recommend Dr Tenpenny’s research on vaccines . . . or Dr Russell Blaylock, or even Dr Mercola, or Dr Wakefield. This list of brave physicians who are unafraid to challenge Big Pharma and the medical establishment is quite long. The Center for Disease Control is a private for-profit enterprise ‘doing business as’. They do not represent the people, they represent Big Pharma. ALL of the alphabet ‘agencies’ are arms of the Executive Branch of USA INC. Those in charge of each and every one of them are political appointees. Please re-read the “Open Letter”, because you have missed the point.

    • Not a single vaccine in all of history has been proven safe or effective. And none have saved anybody or eradicated anything!
      The smallpox vaccine is responsible for causing the worst and deadliest smallpox epidemics in recent history. A case in point is Prussia….. after force vaccinating the whole population for 35 years not just once, but often multiple times throughout their lives, they had a smallpox epidemic that killed 124,978 people.
      When the USA occupied the Philippines and later, Japan, they forcibly vaccinated ALL their citizens for smallpox, which resulted in huge epidemics as well (genocide under the guise of ‘health care’).
      As for the polio vaccine……. what would have been diagnosed as polio before the polio vaccines came out was simply renamed, to make it look like the vaccines worked, so people would want them (they are big business after all). So, when you see the names ‘flaccid paralysis’, meningitis, Guillain Barre syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis (and there are others), you very often see polio, and often those are directly caused by the polio vaccines.


    Here is some extra links for resourses to help with your issues,

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