You Need an Education

and now you are going to get one!

by Jim Stone, former NSA employee & freelance journalist

israel-911911 was not done by Muslims. Al Quaida is a CIA creation. This was publicly announced by a CIA whistleblower Richard Clarke and other reliable sources. The people running scams like Al Quaida have a code of ethics, of which a part of is to inform those they are scamming with creations such as Al Quaida that they are being lied to. It’s up to the scammed to find that report, and then realize it’s all a lie, AND THEN TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE LIE.

They did plenty to tell the people the truth about 911, but also mixed that truth in with a mountain of Islamic terror lies to keep the SHEEP out there wrapped up in a falsely founded hatred towards Muslims. They now have the people in Mexico fighting phony U.S. funded enigma terrorists who are running around with quatzequatel among the leaf ants in pygmie country. There is no Iranian terror plot in Chiapas.

Larry Silverstein, a Zionist Jew who was the owner of the World Trade Center complex via a 99 year lease, put a five billion dollar insurance contract on the place, rigged it with demolition explosives, and then for the political purpose of pissing off Americans enough to blow up Arabs to increase oil profits, had the Mossad electronically hijack a bunch of airplanes and fly them into the place. This provided a plausible cover for setting off the demolition charges so he could destroy the buildings and collect on his insurance.

This was an enormous effort by the Mossad, Larry and others, and included deceptions at the highest level, a deception made possible by dual citizens who pledge their alliegances to a foregn power while operating witin the U.S. government.  For example, the U.S. military did not respond to the first three planes, because they were running an anti terror drill at the time, which covered the exact same scenario as what was really happening, and believed the news reports were a hollywood creation. How would this be possible, without a government that had been infiltrated and compromised at the highest levels? But one air force pilot was on the phone with his family in New York, and his family told him it was all REALLY HAPPENING.

So in full violation of direct lawful orders from his superiors, he hopped into an airplane which happened to be armed with real ordinance and shot the airliner which was supposed to hit building 7 down, before it arrived at building 7. You can’t find the reports about him violating a lawful order to get it done, but you can at least find THIS  And don’t let all the shills and scammers who are ALL OVER THIS lie to you, Here is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld slipping up, and saying it in public. This shoot down left lucky Larry Silverstein with a BIG PROBLEM. Buildings 1 and 2 received their airplanes, and had a “reason” to fall. Building 7 never got it’s airplane, was FBI world headquarters, and was laced with explosives. No matter what, the building HAD TO come down, or the plot would be discovered by the FBI.

So Larry Silverstein “pulled it”, and THEN WENT ON PBS, AND ADMITTED IT.


Once the FBI finally got back on it’s feet after Lucky Larry’s little accident, it investigated 911 and called BULLSHIT on it. The phone calls NEVER HAPPENED. Want to know what a corrupted government is? Just look at the U.S.A, where the premier investigative agency can call bullshit on something as big as a cornerstone of 911 – the phone calls, and get totally ignored by both the media and the main body of the government it is serving. America is toast, because it is so far gone politically that the good forces from within are totally incapable of enforcing law and order when it comes to those above them, the people higher up the structure they operate within, people who happen to be dual citizens [US & Israel], pledging and owing their loyalties to a foreign power.

The FAA also called bullshit on 911, and grounded all 767/757 aircraft after 911 while they let other airplanes resume flying. During this time they ripped out all of the remote hijack recovery systems ALL 757/67 aircraft shipped direct from Boeing with OUT of the airplanes, because the FAA knew the story was bullshit and that those planes had to have been remote controlled into the buildings with the same remote hijack recovery system that was put in them when they were manufactured to prevent such an event from ever happening.

So the big question is, how on earth was there a drill happening at the same time as 911, which covered the exact same scenario, at the exact same time it was happening, a drill which confused our military and caused it to not act appropriately? How badly infiltrated is the American government if such a thing is possible and after such a thing happens not a peep comes out of the press even as the good factions of the government announce it all had to be staged? How wrecked is America, really?

Osama Bin Ladin – a post 911 life story

After being announced dead by President Bush in December of 2001 (and the reason given was because they destroyed his dialysis machine), the zionist media, which knows people are now too stupid to remember what was said the month before, kept mister geriatric kidney failure alive for over a decade. He made lots of spooky videos, all with different faces and beards, and headed a team of bandits that was SO ELUSIVE it got into many countries, and justified plenty of CIA killings and drone strikes in every country it got into.

Interesting it is how elusive they managed to be, SO ELUSIVE, IT’S AS IF THEY NEVER EXISTED AT ALL. All the wars took place just like they would have if they were being fought against completely innocent countries that did nothing wrong EVER, and had their people only wanting to defend their homes. Ahh yes, but the oil and heroin flowed.” (scroll down for photos of American soldiers protecting the heroin poppies from the Taliban, which did a great job of destroying them before the war. Wanna know where your drug problems come from? LOOK HERE.

Then, in an act of stunning heroism, President Obama nailed the translucent smoky enigmatic “osama” bastard and BURIED HIM AT SEA. Photoshop filled in the blanks. And with no cadaver to prove the story one way or another, a fact made perfect by an ocean burial, Osama and his fake Al-C.I.A.DA can now live on as the smoke stories they always were off into eternity, because terrorism is profitable you know and ANY story can be told and THE SHEEP will believe it provided it comes from an “authority”.

As an extra added bonus, Americans threw their freedoms into the enigmatic smoke and the same dual citizens, serving a greater master now revel in the filth of school shootings they stage to get Americans to give up their guns, along with other atrocities as they give America the final flush. And as America goes, SO WILL YOU.

You have an angel walking among you, who cares about what happens to you. I care a lot about this place, and the last thing I want is to see you be destroyed the same way America was. If you do not wake up to the external threats that are trying to destroy you – via the media, antidepressants, and more directly via the intelligence agencies spewing and creating bullshit Iranian terror plot stories in Chiapas, you will go right down the ol’ shitterie with a swirling glurp just like America has.

Know who your enemies are. Know who your friends are. And DO NOT cooperate with America in Chiapas, USE THE FEDERALIES TO GO IN THERE AND FIX IT YOURSELF, IN SECRET. You will be surprised by how many of your “terrorists” get out of Mexico via diplomatic negotiations and U.S. / Israeli passports.

Remember when Israel did this to Mexico?

Never forget.



Closing the Nuclear Loop, by Jim Stone

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