They can’t have a “police state” with an armed population!


Mr Roberts is extremely knowledgeable about the financial (and media) ‘coup’ that has taken place in America. He is also one of the few economists that has no loyalty to any political party. He is an independent and his loyalty is to the American people. In this interview, Mr Roberts explains how making alcohol and drugs illegal only served to give birth to criminal enterprises that have thrived for decades. There is no reason to believe that a ban on guns will be any different.

Historically gun bans have only benefited tyrannical governments and criminals.


8 responses to “They can’t have a “police state” with an armed population!

  1. In agree. The bleeding heart socialists in society and their allies are dumbing down and making society wimpy. These are the same kinds of people who claim serial killers are human too as they were not properly toilet trained by the mothers and are therefore misunderstood. Small arms in person protection is a good idea. If every good citizen did their duty world wide and executed a would be criminal each on their properties, it would save the governments, courts, prisons, and tax payers a lot of expenses. The jails, police, and courts would probably like that as they would have to work less hard.

  2. Armed citizens are still no match for the power of the national state. How effective are small arms pistols and assault rifles going to be against tanks, armoured vehicles, helicopters, fighter jets, satellites, electronic control systems, the medical establishment, food control, utilities control, and the big one of government contolled WMD weapons? Perhaps there are even space based energy weapons too? If a town, city, village, or territory rebels against the government, any national government in any country, the government will just order the rebel areas wiped out and burned, armed or not. It will be like Death from Above. How are you going to stand up to the power of a “Death Star”?

    • You are right of course. It will be like us taking pitchforks to a ‘star wars’ battle. However, guns can help us protect ourselves and our families from burglaries, break-ins, car jackings, and armed robberies.

    • There are over 300,000,000 Million Americans who are armed with Semi and fully Automatic weapons. We are the most heavily armed Civilian Nation on Earth. It is Foolish to say that “we are no match for the power of the national state”. Tanks can be taken out and Civilian Resistance can be great.

      If civilians were no match then the government really wouldn’t care about
      gun control and assualt weapons bans. The 2nd amendment was made so
      the people can prevent somebody like Hitler from coming to power. And the founders of America were correct. Tyrants like Hitler and Stalin prove the
      2nd amendment to be true.. The people have more power than we think.
      And the powers that be hate the people because of the freedoms that they have.

      • Yes perhaps. It is not just about the USA. The New World Order wants to unite all countries into a One World Government. It isn’t a bad thing in itself. Whether it is a good or bad thing depends on who or what group is in charge. If it is like the Star Trek Federation, then it is good. If the world government is like the dictatorships in the novels 1984, Brave New World, or the movies Star Wars, Equilibrium, or Ultra Violet, then it is bad.

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  4. Those in the government need to be constantly reminded that they are civil servants and need to behave as such.

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