Lying to the public is now a ‘fine art’!


George Orwell’s 1984 called a manipulative change in the language ‘newspeak’. Today the term ‘corporate speak’ describes best what is going on.

This practice has permeated all of our institutions. Next time your Mayor, City Councilman, County Commissioner or corporate executive gives a speech, listen for the ‘spin’. They are using the ‘words that work’ to convince you that what is best for them (or their buddies) is also best for you – therefore you shouldn’t complain about paying for it!


2 responses to “Lying to the public is now a ‘fine art’!

  1. Perception management is propaganda, social manipulation, sales promotions, machiavellianism. It is BS delivery without your audience thinking it is bullshit. Diplomacy is the ability to tell others to F Off and getting them to like it at the same time. It is part of an adjustable morality. It can have daily practical uses, a very useful skill set in all social interactions.

  2. This is exactly why the American people need to learn the Trivium.


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