Judge Napolitano exposes our current ‘President’


The Secret Kill List

Andrew P. Napolitano, Antiwar.com
May 30, 2012

The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill. They do this every Tuesday morning when the leader is in town. The leader once condemned any practice even close to this, but now relishes the killing because he has convinced himself that it is a sane and sterile way to keep his country safe and himself in power. The leader, who is running for re-election, even invited his campaign manager to join the group that decides whom to kill.

This is not from a work of fiction, and it is not describing a series of events in the Kremlin or Beijing or Pyongyang. It is a fair summary of a 6,000-word investigative report in The New York Times earlier this week about the White House of Barack Obama. Two Times journalists, Jo Becker and Scott Shane, painstakingly and chillingly reported that the former lecturer in constitutional law and liberal senator who railed against torture and Gitmo now weekly reviews a secret kill list, personally decides who should be killed, and then dispatches killers all over the world — and some of his killers have killed Americans.

We have known for some time that President Obama is waging a private war. By that I mean he is using the CIA on his own — and not the military after congressional authorization — to fire drones at thousands of persons in foreign lands, usually while they are riding in a car or a truck. He has done this both with the consent and over the objection of the governments of the countries in which he has killed. He doesn’t want to talk about this, but he doesn’t deny it. How chilling is it that David Axelrod — the president’s campaign manager — has periodically seen the secret kill list? Might this be to keep the killings politically correct?

Can the president legally do this? In a word: No.

The president cannot lawfully order the killing of anyone, except according to the Constitution and federal law. Under the Constitution, he can only order killing using the military when the U.S. has been attacked, or when an attack is so imminent and certain that delay would cost innocent American lives, or in pursuit of a congressional declaration of war. Under federal law, he can only order killing using civilians when a person has been sentenced lawfully to death by a federal court and the jury verdict and the death sentence have been upheld on appeal. If he uses the military to kill, federal law requires public reports of its use to Congress and congressional approval after 180 days.

The U.S. has not declared war since World War II. If the president knows that an attack on our shores is imminent, he’d be hard-pressed to argue convincingly that a guy in a truck in a desert 10,000 miles from here — no matter his intentions — poses a threat to the U.S. so imminent and certain that he needs to be killed on the spot in order to save the lives of Americans who would surely die during the time it would take to declare war on the country that harbors him, or during the time it would take to arrest him. Under no circumstances may he use civilian agents for non-judicial killing. Surely, CIA agents can use deadly force to protect themselves, but they may not use it offensively. Federal laws against murder apply to the president and to all federal agents and personnel, wherever they go on the planet.

Since 9/11, the United States government has set up national security systems that function not under the Constitution, not under the Geneva Conventions, not under the rule of law, not under the rules of war, not under federal law, but under a new secret system crafted by the Bush administration and personally directed by Obama, the same Obama who condemned these rules as senator and then extended them as president. In the name of fighting demons in pickup trucks and wars that Congress has never declared, the government shreds our rights, taps our cellphones, reads our emails, kills innocents abroad, strip searches 87-year-old grandmothers in wheelchairs and 3-year-old babies in their mothers’ arms, and offers secrecy when the law requires accountability.

Obama has argued that his careful consideration of each person he orders killed and the narrow use of deadly force are an adequate and constitutional substitute for due process. The Constitution provides for no such thing. He has also argued that the use of drones to do his killing is humane since they are “surgical” and only kill their targets. We know that is incorrect. And he has argued that these killings are consistent with our values. What is he talking about? The essence of our values is the rule of law, not the rule of presidents.


Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel and anchor of FreedomWatch on Fox Business Network. His most recent book, It Is Dangerous To Be Right When the Government Is Wrong, was released in October 2011.


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11 responses to “Judge Napolitano exposes our current ‘President’

  1. To R: You are very observant. The truth is human nature is corrupt. Some think that its just “conditioning”, but the history of civilizations past and present prove its not this way at all. Humanities way of thinking is corrupt. Jesus offered a “Way” to exchange the corrupt “human way of thinking” via the power of the “Holy Spirit” which comes to indwell a human mind and open their eyes and ears to their corrupt nature. Once the change has occurred, i.e., the veil lifted, that human being no longer looks at this world from a human point of view, but from Christ’s point of view. The old nature is exchanged for a new nature. As long as the old nature rules this world there will never be any real love or peace!

  2. The philosophy of Jesus Christianity is about loving one’s enemies despite all the nasty things they have done. The opposite Satan Luciferian philosophy is about asking your enemies to stop challenging or opposing you in whatever way and then proceed to destroy them if they refuse to stop or submit. Don’t you think this is an interesting comparison? It is kind of like being a Star Wars Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord, or one of the light or dark characters in Lord of the Rings, huh?

  3. Someone once said, “You shall know them by their works”. Its more than strange that both the political candidates for president, both of whom claim to be “Christian”, violate the commandment of Almighty God that says “Thou shalt not kill”. Do either of these men emulate Jesus The Christ, or his Father? Do they do the will of the Holy Spirit? Answer the question honestly, truthfully, and their works prove what “spirit” they represent!

    • Thou shall not kill, steal, cheat, or be a necessary asshole is not a very practical survival strategy in a nasty, brutish, and short world. That kind of religious weak thinking will only get you taken advantage of by sneakier people. You should emulate fictional or even real world people such as Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Sauron, Admiral Tolwyn (Wing Commander series), AH, Stalin, Mao, Pinochet, GB, etc. The ends justify the means. Be a necessary tyrant, but not a racist, sexist, or unfair tyrant. Be an “equal opportunity dictator”. I don’t do as Jesus say and let others slap both my cheeks, If they slap any one of my cheeks, I will counter attack and pound and grind them into the dirt. I have dealt with far too many useless and annoying people in my line of work.

      • We often confuse ‘who we are’ with ‘who we have been conditioned to become’. Once you think about the many years you have been conditioned to be competitive, brutal and unloving, you can ask yourself . . . who would you now be if you have raised with the opposite values. Just watch TV and you can observe how our children are being conditioned to become just like you. However, the opposite is just a matter of seeing the world differently. Children Learn What They Live

        It is just conditioning. It is NOT HUMAN NATURE. How can you transform yourself back to you ‘natural’ loving state? It won’t be comfortable at first, but it is unlikely to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, after all – Love is just a series of actions!

  4. Perhaps you people should read your own stuff! The “Of Particular Concern” article to the right of the comments posted details the future in which the world is in a state of perpetual war! Far as I’m concerned, that future is already here!

    • Of course you are right. However, the current control structure is like a house built on sand. Most of it is based on computer technology and computer modeling. The ‘computer technology’ is replete with deficiencies and is under constant barrage by worms, Trojan horses, malware and viruses. Did you know that RFID chips can get and transmit computer viruses? Did you know that they can also be cloned? And computer modeling is more likely than not going to produce inaccurate results. Not only can data entry contain errors, the folks doing the modeling are all too often tempted to ignore data IF it doesn’t support their thesis. The work of Eugene Odum on defining ‘ecosystems’ included this type of research manipulation. And, our course the whole global warming computer modeling results have been manipulated to produce desired (but false) predictions.

      The “Of Particular Concern” has already occurred. These technologies have been produced by arrogant men who seek technologic ways to control the population and keep themselves as the beneficiaries of new science. As arrogance can never win over competence, we know the NWO will ultimately fail. The only question remaining . . . is how much carnage will we have to witness during that process.

      • The answer to all the questions is yes. I’ve done extensive research into RFID chips, as well as “chipless” technologies. Computer modeling is getting more and more precise. We are all being simulated in a “Sentient World Simulation”, and warfare is being conducted not only on the international populations, but domestic populations as well. Most don’t understand that it’s being done, let alone how its being done. The control structure is growing exponentially, not just year to year, but month to month, and in some cases week to week. The people at NASA seem to think that they can extend the human lifetime, and even attain some form of immortality, and that humans will one day have in them or on them, a nanoscale device that will allow direct communications with a sentient artificial intelligence. Not my idea of Heaven!

  5. Dems. have an anti-war image to up hold. Repubs are the war mongers. WW1, WW2, Korean War, Viet Nam War, all started under Dems. Pres. Obama has more blood on His hands than any other over the Executive Branch. He enjoys the power, and thinks America will not need to know pesky details. Seeds of discord have been sown not just in America by this Administration – but around the World; harvest time is coming.

  6. and then there is the NDAA, which allows him to indefinitely incarcerate American citizens with no due process, merely on his word….that is a very dangerous kind of law, for the citizens.

  7. Glenn Greenwald has written about these kinds of abuses, and crimes against humanity a lot, both on his former Salon column, and now on his Guardian column….as well Chris Hedges writes about these kinds of issues, but apparently not many Americans are listening…..

    this is a dreadful precedent that Obama is setting, illegal, unethical, immoral, and just plain wrong….and the constant striving towards absolute immunity from all crimes committed by the administration.
    this President has a lot to answer for.

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