They own your thoughts!


Sad to think that the youth around the planet can be manipulated so easily by an unscrupulous greedy monopolistic corporatocracy! But the idea of covering one’s body in hideous tattoos and piercing one’s nose & tongue had to come from somewhere! Wearing a kettle on one’s head is no dumber!

For an historical and more in depth look at “perception management” in America see the documentary Psywar.


2 responses to “They own your thoughts!

  1. Wow! I already had a clue about perception management when I was in college classes. I learned about Machiavellianism, propaganda, psychology, sociology, and ethics. I knew morality was adjustable like a video game system. What you can convince others to believe is reality will become reality. This can be used for job interviews, purchase negotiations, dating, marriage cheating, sales promotions, social interactions, speeches, politics, etc. It is the perfection of BS delivery without your audience thinking it is bull shit. Diplomacy is the ability to tell others to F Off and getting them to like it too.

  2. Psychological operations are ongoing, domestically and internationally. Most of humanity is unaware of what is going on, and are actually quite supportive of the beast that has risen out of the sea! They are, in fact, making an image for the beast! Could it be ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that is being created in the image of the beast? Absolutely!

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