Third World status comes to U.S. Communities


by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2012
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The story of what is happening in Butler County Pennsylvania is a very tragic example of the ongoing conflict between the dead-legal fiction, known as The Corporation, and the natural world, to include the people.

As for the petroleum industry, devastating the population and the environment has been ongoing since the Rockefeller cartel was established. The following from PSYWAR explains how the ruthless Rockefellers have managed to keep the public at bay and how they got their tentacles into so many facets of our society!


The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen


Gary Allen’s book ” The Rockefeller File” reveals documented facts of power, influence, market manipulation through monopolies, all behind a cloak of secrecy, never revealing its true face. One of the most influential and wealthiest families in the United States uses all levers to their disposal to influence public policy in the USA, to further their causes, which are firstly financial, but secondly, and with more lasting effect, acquisition of power by influencing every administration from the days of John D. Rockefeller to this day. Gary Allen is a serious author of historic non-fiction, brilliantly documented analysis of controversial subjects, mostly unnoticed by the general public, but of great and grave consequences for them. “The Rockefeller File” reveals a seeming paradox, that one of the richest families in the world supports communism, the avowed enemy, and not only promotes it but supports its march to prominence with huge amounts of money, and is to this day a promoter and financier of the creation of a One World Government under the United Nations. Americans are duped to think of the Rockefeller family as patriotic, generous, noble, living their wealth in the true American Dream way. Little do they know of the truth behind the mask, unscrupulous manipulation of public policy through family trusts and foundations, never subject to one cent of income taxes, amassing huge shares of assets in global corporations on the backs of average American citizen. The goal of this volume is to open our eyes to the destructive trend, in which we are sliding ever deeper to a miserable future for us and our children, culminating in a One World Government with an upper crust of “Have Alls” lording over a population of slaves under a godless socialist banner. We are called to action, to stop this from progression to that end.


One response to “Third World status comes to U.S. Communities

  1. Reblogged this on Give Me Liberty Now and commented:
    This article by my friend Anita Whitney, shows the devastating effects of what Big Oil is doing to our fellow humans. Another example of profits over people. It made me cry for their suffering.

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