The Best Video on Sustainable Development EVER MADE!


by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2012
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and both the author and the AntiCorruption Society are acknowledged

As with everything, the devil always seems to be in the details. The information John shares with his audience is likely to directly impact a lot of folks who consider themselves part of the environmental movement. He is not  a liberal nor is he a conservative. He is just a guy who has done some good research and is sharing what he has learned about the seldom discussed pitfalls of Sustainable Development, etc. Remaining ignorant of these details would not be wise for our future and the future of our families. The changes they are implementing regarding education and our children – once understood – will be shocking and unacceptable to most educated parents! I am already seeing evidence of these changes with my grandchildren.

Here is John Anthony’s closing remarks that I support completely. They are simple and wise.

Our local communities are in peril because a small group seeks to convince us that unless we surrender our property and freedoms; unless we subsume our individual right to [‘their version of’] the good of the community, the planet will not survive.

Yet, this is a false choice. As communities, we can pull together to create our own plans to improve the environment without the control of an international group and the seductive lure of easy federal grants [with many strings attached].

Working together we can save our environment and keep our rights and freedoms. That is the real choice.

If we don’t take time to understand this – especially what is happening to small businesses, conservation ‘rights’, land use policies, and the destruction of public education – as a community we will all live with the consequences. What is at stake here is the right to ‘self-govern’. According to John’s (and many others) research some morons decided that well educated people become rampant consumers, so the answer is to change the education system and dumb down the children. All of the well educated environmentalists  should be enraged by that outlandish premise. I know I am. The ‘educated’ are the ones promoting reduce-reuse-recycle campaigns! If the-powers-that-be really wanted to reduce consumption they would enforce truth in advertising laws! Boy would that bring down unnecessary purchases! And all research indicates that societies that are better educated ‘choose’ to limit the size of their families. Good education is the BEST WAY to bring down population.

This brilliant writer/researcher/insider from New Zealand, John Christian, wrote an excellent paper on the plans of the ‘global elite’ and their supporting organizations (which he listed). He exposed exactly how ‘sustainability’ is being used locally to implement their Global Domination Agenda. It would be difficult to believe Mr Christian’s work, if we weren’t able to watch it being rolled out before our eyes on a daily basis.
Local Government Participation and (unwitting?) Cooperation

And as if all of this deception isn’t bad enough, the elite’s very concept of ‘sustainability’ is built on a mountain of computer modeling, faux science and faulty conclusions: Computer Modeling, Sustainability and Faux Science


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