Russell Blaylock, MD blows the whistle on Obamacare


Dr Blaylock has been a tireless advocate for ‘the peoples’ health. He exposed many of the drugs, vaccines, and substances that have been approved by the FDA but are actually causing great harm to our health. He has also researched and exposed how over the past century Rockefeller and the ‘foundation system’ set up our current medical industry.

Some of the points Blaylock made in this interview on Alex Jones:

  • The bill was much more than 2500 pages, it was more like hundreds of thousands of pages
  • The Federal Reserve is a private cartel of foreign bankers
  • Socialized medicine is going to produce medical rationing to be determined by unelected bureaucrats
  • Obamacare punishes physicians for giving to much care for their patients
  • Eventually Obamacare will order physicians to practice where/what the federal government wishes
  • End of life panels are to be established to determine when care is no longer cost-effective
  • The ‘Soviet communist revolution’ (which included the Ukrainian Holodomor) was really a tragic massacre of the Russian people [see In the Shadow of Hermes] The United States government appears to be moving in the exact same direction.
  • Rockefeller funded the German eugenics program
  • Obamacare contains many policies that were implemented in fascist Germany and Communist Russia
  • Methodology that was used in Germany to convince the youth to support euthanasia of the elderly
  • Medicare already punishes doctor’s who provide needed treatment for patients that Medicare didn’t approve. A physician was prosecuted (and jailed) for doing cataract surgery on a 76 yr old. While the patient recovered his vision, Medicare said he was too old to justify the surgery.


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One response to “Russell Blaylock, MD blows the whistle on Obamacare

  1. Please give the name of the jailed Doctor! If true, he must be released And reinstated as a doctor immediately!!!!! And this evil law must be defeated!

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