Supposed government insider “Drake” announces his latest ‘plan’


by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2012
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Definition: drake – a male duck

On Wednesday June 6, 2012 a self-proclaimed pentagon ‘insider’ Drake Bailey did an in depth interview on a new little known internet radio show. During this program, Drake made the most outrageous claims and offered his listeners the opportunity to decide the future of our planet via a straw poll vote.

Link to interview of 6-6-12

Drake Bailey (Viet Nam vet) and others (Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Bill Deagle and Kerry Cassidy) have claimed for a considerable period of time that they have contacts with insiders at the highest levels of our government. Naturally, none of them name their contacts or even reveal the ‘offices’ their informants hold.

The general population cannot verify whether or not these contacts even exist. We have no way of knowing if these claims are real or complete figments of the imagination of those making them. This FACT should be enough to convince all of their followers/listeners to be extremely skeptical. Unfortunately it is not. Far too many people recognize the serious possibility of a pending global financial and or societal collapse and are very much afraid of it. For this very reason, they are seeking a ‘savior’ and are willing to consider following anyone who seems to fit that bill. In fact over the past several years desperate people have followed many gurus, including a man by the name of Tim Turner – who proclaimed himself the new President of the Republic of the United States. Many have already awoken from the Turner fantasy and the details of that fiasco can be reviewed on the We Are the Answer blog of researcher Teri Hinkle.

Self-proclaimed insider Drake first appeared on another obscure radio program called Freedom Reigns on March 15, 2012. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) He told the audience that he has received pentagon inside info and is savvy to long standing plans to recover Constitutional government in the United States and remove the private criminal Federal Reserve (banking cabal) from control of our monetary system. At that time he proclaimed that there was a peaceful plan in play that would result in MASS ARRESTS of criminal politicians and bankers. Needless to say, that was nearly 3 months ago and none of these changes have occurred.

To better understand the infamous banking cabal behind the financial tyranny that has gone global, please review Andrew Hitchock’s “The History of the House of Rothschild“. In fact, no one can truly understand what has been going on over the past several centuries – that has brought us to this precipice – without understanding the role of the Rothschild dynasty.

Then on June 6, 2012 Drake did an about turn and told the ‘people’ that they now face the very real possibility of an all out planetary war between the banking cabal (and their secret government) and the rest of us. The Money Masters (international banking cabal) do not plan on going quietly into the night, according to Drake. However, Drake wishes folks to ‘trust him’ and respond to his lead and his initiative. He claims that if his audience would vote via his Straw Poll he will be able to use the results as a negotiating tool. According to Drake, the pentagon and the White Hats want input from the ‘people’ before entering into a peace treaty with the cabal. So, Drake explained how his listeners can participate in HIS Straw Poll vote.  The name of this site is Lady  (Lady Dragon??????)

The more people that respond to this ridiculous Straw Poll, the more credibility Drake will claim. It could very well be a test to see how many people take the Drakster seriously. Basically this ‘poll’ has too few details and not enough substance to have any meaning whatsoever. Drake essentially asked his listeners if they want the ‘sun, the moon and the stars’ without telling them what they will have to sacrifice to get all of these goodies. In other words the details of this ‘deal’ will most likely not be revealed until after the fact. And, if the people complain about the real ‘cost’ of this ‘deal’, they will most likely be told that this is what the people (far less than 1% of the general population participated) voted for. And let’s not forget the banking cartel is composed of the most savage hard core criminals who have themselves funded nearly every war that has occurred for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.  They cannot be relied on to keep deals, treaties or their word. They never have before, why would they start now? [See related articles below.]

To help assess whether or not Drake is trustworthy, please listen to the outrageous public trashing (to include threats) that Drake engaged in over the public airways on May 6, 2012. The target of this verbal assault was guilty of nothing. Drake hadn’t checked his facts. But, lack of factual proof of wrongdoing didn’t even slow him (or Deatra Loomer of Freedom Reigns radio) down.

11 min audio clip of Deatra Loomer and Drake Bailey

Here is Kerry Cassidy’s response to Drake and Deatra’s outrageous and completely irresponsible behavior:

Additionally, since they were made aware that they had made a mistake, there has been no mention of this error (or apology) on any of the many radio programs Drake has appeared on. Tragically, most of the Freedom Reigns radio ‘team’ members were happy to bury the May 6th slander story as being inconsequential, which of course makes them all complicit in duping the public regarding Drake. This is the same strategy that has been implemented by the many secret societies now in existence: team loyalty being more important than truth or integrity.


Does Drake have his facts right now? Is he trustworthy? Is he an honorable man? Is he a hero or just another man that has been promised vast rewards for his complicity? Time will tell.


Drake’s response (threat??) is posted below.



Drake talks about chemtrails . . . on camera.

The Enemy Within – aka The Money Masters

If you wanted to rob, cheat and steal


20 responses to “Supposed government insider “Drake” announces his latest ‘plan’

  1. I love how these days everyone and their grandmother claims to be an insider. I did a search on drake’s website, and this is what I found:

    Citizens Advisory Counsel
    Route 1
    Box 238K
    Marlinton, West Virginia 24594
    United States

    Registered through:, LLC ( [link to]
    Created on: 15-May-12
    Expires on: 15-May-17
    Last Updated on: 15-May-12

    Administrative Contact:
    Bailey, Drake
    Citizens Advisory Counsel
    Route 1
    Box 238K
    Marlinton, West Virginia 24594
    United States

    Technical Contact:
    Bailey, Drake
    Citizens Advisory Counsel
    Route 1
    Box 238K
    Marlinton, West Virginia 24594

    Do you think someone with links to the highest levels of the pentagon would use for his website needs? LOL!

  2. thanks, acs… the Drake (and others) have really done a number on people. If you question them, you’re against “hope and change.” Gee, wasn’t that Obama’s slogan? (more or less) What I am against is lack of discernment. The same people who see through 9/11, the war on drugs, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccinations, the Federal Reserve, etc. are experiencing cognitive dissonance (in my opinion) when it comes to the Drake, Bill Wood, etc.

    I actually LIKE Lady Dragon, btw… she’s a firecracker. But this vote (straw poll, whatever you want to call it) is a joke. She posted an e-mail address for people to send in their “vote.” She doesn’t even know how to do an online poll! A hacker could flood the vote so easily. You said something about representing less than 1% of the population. The US military is about 1% of the population. They could contact FAMILY MEMBERS and get more votes. Hint: check the traffic for Lady Dragon’s site…

  3. Drake and whoever he’s a part of probably can’t clean house like they claim. But it’s only a matter of time before this thing falls, so as the saying goes, “when the ox stumbles, everyone sharpens an ax.”

    But who really wants a civil war, or a fracturing of the country into regional powers? Can you say Yugoslavia on steroids? That would suck for almost everyone, and who knows how it would end up?

    I agree that localism is probably the most sensible way to go and I mean that morally, practically, and strategically. It’s a chance to grow something healthy out of something rotten, just like nature does. But we’ve got to look farther than the end of our hoe or we’re in trouble.

    It’s probably a good time for all of us to become very clear about our principles.

    • Yeah, Ed. I agree. After the development of weapons of mass destruction, there is NO coherent theories for either war or revolution. The American Money and the American Military have become like flying unicorns and dragons! They are kept in the air by the sheer apparent impossibility of their astronomically amplified size! The “real” world is gambling with ten times as much electronic fiat “money” as represents everything that actually exists in that “real” world, and that is backed up with a standing situation of enough atomic weapons ready to fire at a moment’s notice, to destroy civilization ten times over! Given that the frauds, and the force to back them up, are at least an order of magnitude greater than everything which actually exists in the physical world, the American Money and Military, as I said, represent apparently IMPOSSIBLE things, which nevertheless, have very recently emerged as REALITIES in human history … but which have nothing coherent to understand them, and therefore, nothing coherent can be said about what should be done to change them … at least, nothing coherent that enough people can agree upon at the present time. We are headed through psychotic breakdowns, that will test our “principles” beyond belief!

  4. Just because you haven’t heard of me does not prove that I am not actively pursuing solutions.

    If we would refocus our attention on our local economies and local governments we would have a lot more success.

  5. Amazing how many people including yourself just what totear down any hope of change, My question to you sir is what effect has your organization had on our plight? You may be trying but I have not heard of any of your efforts in the way of AntiCorruption.

  6. For one thing ‘Drake’ never said he was a government ‘insider’ only a spokesman, and he made it very clear poll was not to ‘save the world’ and was NOT official and was was just to get an idea of what people were feeling (and on the spiritual side he said it was also to help raise vibrations to even ponder the questions). Just saying…things are not always as they seem because if you did any additional research you would find that Drake has a lot of outstanding things in his background previous to the tiny bit of info you have noted here. Anyway, no matter really, everyone will believe what they will and I do agree it is difficult after being lied to by so many for so long to trust anyone. And Drake is also human like the rest of us…so no matter what anyone says take what you can use and leave the rest.
    Love to you all and we’re all in this together!

  7. Is Drake a fake? Who cares, he along with other have misdirected the efforts of many to wait for some other unknown force to change the game.
    All the best efforts will not change anything until the following steps are taken by the American People;


    Bring on the R.I.C.O. Act, seize their assets, throw them off the bus and into jail where they belong.

    And if you think Drake is going to get this in gear, you will wait till the next poll where he will sample opinion on action, which is code for do nothing but deflect the sheep for another year, while they slip the net over the whole planet.

  8. Show me the evidence or documents Anita.

    • Not quite sure what documents you seek. I put up the recording of Drake threatening Kerry Cassidy. Here is Kerry Cassidy’s response to Drake and Deatra’s outrageous and completely irresponsible behavior:

      My article was to call attention to Drake’s lack of proof that he is in a position to negotiate with the Rothschilds and/or the Secret Government. I wanted to point out that many of us didn’t select Drake to represent us. Folks also need to comprehend what a Straw Poll is and what it is not.

      I am only raising the questions. It is up to Drake to provide the evidence. Questioning is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. It is how we can avoid following false prophets, right?

    • Mr. Bailey, the burden of proof is on you to offer us proof of this supposed truce agreement with the “cabal” . Of course it never materializes and timelines get further and further stretched.

      By the way, for a supposed informant or insider or whatever you are, you’re doing a lousy job of keeping your identity hidden.

      Your screen name of dkb8848 stands for drake k bailey born August 8, 1948. You can search for the name drake bailey and that birthday will appear.

    • dkb8848 = Drake K. Bailey

  9. Hello, Anita.
    In what way does any of this promote the people towards freedom?
    Another question is, why can’t anyone ‘read’ the voting page?
    Show me where there is any reference that these crooks are getting off scot-free ?
    Where is the similarity to Turner’s group in any of this?
    There ain’t any.
    No small group of people are looking to put themselves into offices, and no one is stupid enough to get free and then hand everything over to the U.N.
    ‘Prove it!’
    How about I offer you for a human sacrifice to these bad guys?
    That is exactly what would happen if I were to even hint as to who I am dealing with…
    There are already 14 dead…if those who are so brave as to use pen names and only sit in front of their computers complaining, were to get real, things might be a lot farther along. Ya think?
    Anyone want to be on the hit list?
    Step right up for the next training exercise…
    Interesting that those who have so much to say, NEVER offer anything but opinions. Is that their imagination or what?
    I’ll offer this.
    Can any of the objectors offer any documentation of anything?
    I have put out the liens against the federal/central banks…
    Where is yours?
    When do any of you want to be part of a deal that can’t be refused?
    The bad guys are already there…no choice buy to see IF they can save their butts. Keep all of us from killing them…
    Until there is validity from this site, you get nothing more.

  10. After we discover that our real politics is like a fatal disease, we start desperately looking around for some miracle cures! However, the probable reality continues to be that those diseases are terminally fatal and will kill us. … I have been collecting my thoughts about this particular issue, and related monetary system problems here:

    • I tried to post a comment on the “soldier hugs” blog, but it was not accepted by the moderator. In my view that tends to confirm what this here Web site above has said. Moreover, it also tends to confirm the bigger problem. A lot of people can agree with what they do NOT like. However, very few people can agree on what they DO like, and therefore, should be done instead. It is precisely because people can NOT agree that they end up fighting. Then, the imperatives of militarism take over, which are that those who are the best at deceits tend to prevail. That paradox is as old as the Art of War. The ancient Chinese book with that title, which is the first book about methods of war that I am aware of, starts by saying that success in war depends on deceits, and ends by saying that spies are the most important soldiers. The entire history of militarism, especially as that was perfected in more recent times, has only confirmed those ancient insights. The problem is that has developed through human history, until we have global electronic frauds, backed up by atomic bombs!!! The history that drove the events that made War King have transformed to become FRAUD IS KING. That is an insane, out-of-control situation, headed towards psychotic breakdowns. The fact that people can not agree on what to do instead of what already is being done only confirms that dismal prognosis … As yet another water drop, in my spinning bubble, about to go over the waterfall, I say hello to the other bubbles of realities around me …

  11. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH

    Some perceive you were a little SOFT in view to the Hard Realities of the MisSpinFormation Nation of the Fairy Tails from behind the Curtain?
    You Were most neutral an Passed on several opportunities to have Gone for the Jugular But then again AI is A Lady NOT like Lady Dragon at ALL thank Goodness?

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