The Corporation is brainwashing our children – right under our noses


The commercialization of Childhood (Trailer)


This reality was also exposed in 2003 in the documentary The Corporation (pt 11)

Basic Training

One of the most important skills children need to be taught is how to “MUTE” all commercials.

2 responses to “The Corporation is brainwashing our children – right under our noses

  1. The problem with society is EASY to solve. Too many are indeed too stupid to see it. And many who do see it will ignore the solution because of what that means.

    Let go of modern society. THAT is the solution. Forsake it. Shun it. Kill it. Burn it. Whatever. Just leave it. Realize that we have arrived at a point in time where we are faced with a threat to our existence. Now I believe GOD will prevail of course. But we are part of that course. The original purpose of life is the same as always. And we are to live by that purpose, regardless of what else is going on in the world. Raising families is what I am talking about. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way. And THAT is a path that short circuits tyrannies and other evils in the world.

    Forsake society. The greedy entities that govern everything behind closed doors DEPEND ON YOU. They need you to be their slave each and every day. They need someone to lie to, to experiment on, and to kill when the time comes. And they do it within the confounds of the socialism of society.


    If you leave society, they can’t touch you. Go off the grid. Tell them to take their electric power lines, water lines, and mail and stick it up a dark place. If you live in an RV, you are immune. No longer can they get to you. And many families are finding out this Truth. Because when you effectively shove the government and the corporations our of your life, you suddenly find virtues that were never found before. This is where the purpose of life comes in. I personally have seen much much more productive and spiritually healthy families come out of those places then ever in society. Even the homeschooled kids are more like the kids we want then the heathens of public schools. Does this tell you something? The things I am referring to are biblically sound. The Holy Bible teaches us to live this way. Yet, society tells us to live in torment every day of our life. NOt raising our own kids. Letting a system full of uncaring strangers fill their day. Indentured slavery promotes capitalism and consumerism. It’s absolutely no good at all. CUT THE TIES!!!

    My wife and I did just that a few years ago. We sat down to talk one night and decided we had had enough. We took our daughter out of public school. We got rid of our house and bought a cheap, used RV. She had a good paying job. So I stayed home to homeschool the kids. Living in the RV meant we could save every dime while being frugal. And in a year, we had enough to buy a piece of land with cash. Keep in mind we lived paycheck to paycheck like most real people. No savings at all.

    We moved the RV onto the land. This gave us a chance to raise chickens and to begin a homestead. We were well established as far as survival goes in a year’s time. We bought a well used back hoe and I began grading and taking down trees. As we saved our money over the year, we began building an underground concrete, stucco house with our own hands. It took time to save to keep it going. And it took a whole year to get the house completed. But it was worth it. No debt. No banks. And once it was completed, my wife quit her job. We both were unemployed with ZERO income as far as the government saw it.

    But out very large garden brought in extra money each year. We didn’t need half of what we grew. And we sold it cheaper than any farmer’s market. It was to appeal to those in need. If it didn’t sell, we gave it away to those in need. It wasn’t about the money. But it was helpful to bring in enough to pay yearly taxes and supplies for the year. The thing is, we don’t need much outside what we make ourselves. We catch and store all our water. We make our own food and store it as well. We have skylights that work very well. And over time, we bought a few used solar panels that supplement the light when needed. Otherwise, we can use candles and lamps. We use only wood and fresnel lenses for our cooking and heating. (Thank you GOD for the sunlight).

    Our life is void of all the unecessary modern ammenities that have completely spoiled today’s people. It all points to when Eve ate the forbidden fruit. It wasn’t about GOD getting His way as much as it was that He was protecting Adam and Eve from something. They betrayed themselves when they gave up their innocence. And look at the price. It was all downhill from there. No matter what we do with our life, when we shun GOD, we pay for it. Every single day we will. Contentment will be nothing but a moment without GOD. But with Him, it will become a blessing over our whole life. And that of our children as long as they carry the wisdom.

    I feel very sorry for the fools in this world that seek a material proof of GOD instead of finding Him in the TRUTH that sets right in front of us every day. The ill ways of society inadvertantly prove that GOD is real, each and every day. That is, if you are looking.

  2. Fellow Americans this crisis on our education was created by our government, they take away the rights of parents and teachers to discipline, to teach our children morality, respect for each other, peoples rights, responsibility and work ethics, to work hard to be the best they can be and be supportive and encourage good behavior, manners and morality and last but not least our American values and patriotism.

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