The United Nations gives lip service to planetary ‘sustainability’

UN panel aims for a ‘future worth choosing’

Jan 30, 2012
Richard Black, BBC News


Growing inequality, environmental decline and “teetering” economies mean the world must change the way it does business, a UN report concludes.

Health and education must improve, it says. Subsidies on fossil fuels should end, and governments must look beyond the standard economic indicator of GDP.

The High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Its report will feed into discussions leading to the Rio+20 summit in June.

It is being launched in Addis Ababa by its two co-chairs, Finnish President Tarja Halonen and her South African counterpart Jacob Zuma.

“With the possibility of the world slipping further into recession, policymakers are hungry for ideas that can help them to navigate these difficult times,” said Mr Zuma.

“Our report makes clear that sustainable development is more important than ever given the multiple crises now enveloping the world.”

Subsidies that damage environmental integrity would be phased out by 2020. The UN estimates that governments spend more than $400bn each year subsidising fossil fuels, while OECD countries alone spend nearly the same amount on agricultural subsidies.

In parallel, access to energy, clean water, sanitation and food would be increased, meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and going beyond them.

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When you hear folks talking about ‘global’ problems and ‘global’ solutions the devil is always in the details. Here are a few facts to consider after reading the above article:

  • We do not elect anyone who works for the United Nations, nor can we have them removed from their positions should we discover they are corrupt or that they do not represent people but really represent global corporations!
  • The United Nations was established by the globalists Rockefeller  and Rothschilds (oil and banking cartels)
  • The idea of ‘partnerships’ between living people and corporations  is just a tactic of The Corporation’s ‘perception managers’.  (Public Relations people are nothing more than propagandists and truly are the scum of the earth! They distort truth and tell lies (spin) to the public for a living! They are without conscience.)
  • In all cases, corporations need to be subservient to humans NOT partners with – as corporations are merely dead legal fiction profit-generating machines!
  • The United Nation’s Millienium Development Goals   partners represent global corporate interests – not people. Just look at the partners listed: World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund. These are the same entities that John Perkins explained in his book Confessions of an Economic Hitman which describes the ongoing construction of the corporatocracy.

The people of the planet do have a common threat to us and our children’s future that the United Nations will NEVER mention, that is the growing global corporatocracy.

The Corporation was created by flesh and blood humans (lawyers and bankers), won the rights of humans after the passage of the 14th Amendment, and now this dead legal fiction has more power than the flesh and blood humans that created it. As it is merely a dead legal fiction it cannot deconstruct itself. It is up to us flesh and blood humans to recognize its destructiveness and create a new business model – one that works FOR humans and our natural earth NOT against us. The Corporation (with no limits to growth) is an exploitive Doom Machine that now considers us all to be merely “human resources” or corporate “team members”.

At the moment virtually ALL PROGRAMS coming from the United Nations are designed to advance globalization on behalf of the corporatocracy. For example, there have been so signs of the United Nations, the WTO or the World Health Organization  opposing Monsanto’s GMOs or terminator seeds!

The villanization of carbon dioxide is merely a ‘tool’ (Carbon Dioxide Doesn’t Cause Global Warming)  created by the globalists to find a way to create a global taxation system FOR the globalists.

Helena Norberg-Hodge gave a great 18 minute lecture on globalization.

Helena is so right. The issues that face us all right now are not right versus left but global versus local.  Here’s the trailer to her new film The Economics of Happiness:

Please consider sharing the above short clip. It demonstrates the incredible waste of resources/energy and increase in pollution that have resulted from globalization and the creation of a global corporatacracy. These are the very same issues the UN is attempting to address WITHOUT acknowledging the cause. The United Nations continues to waste its time negotiating with ‘governments’ who have long sense been over taken by the central bankers and their multi-national corporations!!


The Corporation

The water industry and World Bank pilot new scheme to drive public water into private hands

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