Monsanto strikes again!!


Part of our Expose Faux Science series

The scenario this farmer describes has played out over and over in our country and many other countries as well. This biotech nightmare – that has been released on the entire world – was released after a Supreme Court decision in 1980 known as the Chakrabarty Case.  This case gave corporations the perceived right to patent DNA. Biotechnology and Frankenscience was a direct result of this horrific decision.


The Supreme Court Justices responsible for launching this corporate assault on humanity and the natural world were:

  • Warren E. Burger
  •  Potter Stewart
  • Harry A. Blackmun
  • William H. Rehnquist
  • John Paul Stevens

At the very least these names should long be remembered for OPENING THE FLOODGATES FOR GMO AND BIOTECHNOLOGY – the creation of faux life!!

One response to “Monsanto strikes again!!

  1. If there was any doubt remaining about the dangers of GMO corn, the doubters need to educate themselves.Farmers are learning, the hard way.

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