The expanding Earth and the creation of matter


by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged

Part of the Exposing Faux Science series

Independent researcher Cliff High explained (in a recent interview) scientific principles that academicians don’t teach, but that prove we live on an ever expanding planet that actually creates its own matter – to include oxygen, water, oil and even gold.

Clip from Denny Smith interview with Cliff High of Half Past Human (13 min)

Half Past Human

This is more evidence that oil is not a finite resource, but is a renewable source of energy with an origin that is abiotic (not from living or formerly living matter). The ‘abiotic’ origin of oil was proven by Russian scientists many years ago and is referred to as “modern petroleum science”.

NPR interview with geologist Dr J F Kenny who briefly explains modern petroleum science and the origin of the false ‘fossil fuel theory’.

Dr. J F Kenny interview (18 min)

Earth as a ‘spaceship’ (quoted by Buckminster Fuller and NASA) is a complete misrepresentation, because while our planet moves through space, it changes in size and creates matter – spaceships can do neither.

The expanding Earth concept however does not completely negate the wisdom of conservation and recycling. If the rate resources are used exceeds the rate they are created, life on our planet could experience many years of unnecessary hardship.


From Crisis by Design:  Oil is not a fossil fuel and it is renewable

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