Total control grid designed to predict the future

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged



As with all of the computer based technologic strategies for population control, computer models remain GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT! Naturally those profiting from the fabulous world of computer technologies don’t wish to make this hard core truth common knowledge. If they did, large corporations and governments across the planet would stop spending millions on the studies these computers generate.

But, computer modeling and predictions are no more reliable than the info gathered and the integrity of those gathering and imputing the information. And the more the scientists and programmers get paid to produce a particular result, the greater the chance it will be faulty. A classic example is the field of psychiatry and their survey-computer-based classification of mental disorders – what a farce! See The Marketing of Madness

Another fabulous example is the global warming/climate change fiasco. The predictions of future climate catastrophes were based on manipulated data inputted into computers by unscrupulous scientists. See Climategate.

And the one that most folks are still unaware of is the basic premise known as “the balance of nature”. This theory was brought into the ‘scientific’ world as a result of the work and publications of Howard and Eugene Odum, the father’s of ecology.  To prove their theory of the existence of ecosystems, they screened and cherry-picked their data to fit their predefined model. This theory has  been challenged, but neither the media nor academia have publicized these challenges.  See Part 2 of All Watched Over by machines of Loving Grace by Adam Curtis documentary film maker. However, since that theory became popular many naturalists have proven that nature is ever changing, adapting and redefining itself.  A static reoccurring ‘balance’ simply doesn’t exist.


To think that computers can predict human (who are not robots) behavior is arrogant to say the least and dangerous to say the most. The entire grid designed to predict the future is built upon a false foundation using questionable modeling techniques. Therefore, the globalist’s predictions have no chance of being accurate. The brave new technocratic world the globalists are building based upon these predictions will surely fail. The question of course remains . . . how much harm will result from their massive efforts to cram a dynamic world into a static model that the globalists like to refer to as “spaceship earth”?


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