David Icke’s ‘take’ on the American war machine

One wonder’s if David Icke is aware of the well organized distraction programs that have been put in place to keep Americans oblivious to the carnage that our ‘military’ is engaged in across the planet. Does he know that our children are  bombarded with war scenarios via movies and video games from a very young age?

Author Tom Woods recently announced his latest effort to educate the American public regarding the role the crooks in Washington have played in the construction and maintenance of this ‘war machine’.

And how is the ‘funding’ from Washington being spent? What research projects are our universities engaged in?

‘Super Soldiers’: The quest for the ultimate human killing machine

November 17, 2011
Michael Hanlon, The Independent

Guilt, tiredness, stress, shock – can specialised drugs help to mute the qualities that make soldiers human, asks Michael Hanlon?

Efforts to understand the brain of the soldier and put this knowledge to good use have been going on for some time. Professor Jonathan Moreno, a bioethicist at Pennsylvania State University, studies the way neuroscience is being co-opted by the military. “Right now, this is the fastest-growing area of science,” he says.

The Pentagon is currently spending $400m a year researching ways to “enhance” the human fighter.

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Parents need to recognize how ‘corporations’, including the film industry and toy manufacturers, are programming our children to become ruthless inhuman killing machines. If that is not the tragic destructive future we want our children to have, stop buying them war toys and games immediately. We need to wake up and stop this insanity; for the dead legal fiction The Corporation  can’t relate to human beings in any other way than as a ‘resource’ capable of increasing corporate profits.

One response to “David Icke’s ‘take’ on the American war machine

  1. Yes, it has taken almost a century to motivate a rational human being to murder another for no personal reason, as some realised too late, no reason at all. In combination with an orchestrated media campaign, humiliation, torture and death are fun! Best of all, they’re remote, via consoles and drones.

    We have been run by a psychopathic military mindset for at least a thousand years but the last 100 years the array and sophistication of weaponry has accellerated across all regions and human activities at an alarming rate.

    It has been a century of revolutions guided by the unseen hands; not once has the common man steered the course of his own inventions. Unless lawful rebellion is applied as each realises is appropriate, the conclusion is inevitable. R.I.P. Humanity: Died for The Sake of Convenience

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