International Panel on Climate Change lets mankind off the hook


Natural Variability To Dominate Weather Events Over Coming 20-30 Years

By Dr David Whitehouse, Science Editor, Global Warming Policy Foundation



Summer comes to the poles

For many decades to come, and probably longer, mankind’s influence on the frequency of extreme weather events will be insignificant.

According to a preliminary report released by the IPCC, there will be no detectable influence of mankind’s influence on the Earth’s weather systems for at least thirty years, and possibly not until the end of this century.

The Summary for Policymakers of the Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation , is in stark contrast to other statements made by the IPCC. It shows that mankind’s influence on the weather is far smaller than natural factors.

If and when mankind’s influence becomes apparent it may be just as likely to reduce the number of extreme weather events as increase them.

Surveying the state of scientific knowledge IPCC scientists say they cannot determine if mankind’s influence will result in more, or fewer, extreme weather events over the next thirty years or more.

The IPCC report says:

“Projected changes in climate extremes under different emissions scenarios generally do not strongly diverge in the coming two to three decades, but these signals are relatively small compared to natural climate variability over this time frame. Even the sign of projected changes in some climate extremes over this time frame is uncertain”

“This shows the depth of our ignorance of this subject,” says Dr David Whitehouse, science editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. “Whilst it is always important to think about the future in the light of changes we observe to the Earth’s climate, in trying to draw conclusions so far ahead based on what we know, the IPCC scientists are speculating far beyond any reasonable scientific justification.”

Even making the questionable assumption that our computer models are good enough to predict what will happen in the future, for projected changes by the end of the 21st century, the uncertainties in those computer models, and the range of natural climatic variability, are far larger than any predicted human-influenced effects.

Extreme weather events have always been with us, and will continue to be so. It is the international community’s responsibility to make those likely to be subjected to them become more resilient.


ACS Editor comment:

Many might wonder how the theory of Carbon Dioxide/man-made global warming got so much traction, the answer is $$$. Pseudo-science, apparently like everything else, has a price!


While the general population isn’t harming the environment by turning on their lights and driving their cars, there is a small group of the rich and powerful that can and do produce devastating ‘climate changes’. Warming the Globe and Melting the Polar Ice Cap


2 responses to “International Panel on Climate Change lets mankind off the hook

  1. A much appreciated comment that was brilliantly expressed. I concur 100%. Thanks for this contribution.

    Many don’t see the link between NASA, Global Warming and Transhumanism. But it is there:

  2. Whilst I agree with the tenet and points made by this argument, military manipulation of the ecosphere effecting the environment cannot be overlooked. The mass of mankind is not culpable: they are locked into a monopoly of corporate/governmental/ngo cartels controlling supply and demand. The solutions were always available yet they have become ‘outlawed’ by stealth. Beyond this incidental involvement, the mass of mankind can only be accused of ignorance in unquestioningly allowing their servants to control resources in a way not in their best interests. But again I plead on behalf of humanity that they have been indoctrinated into blindness and blind faith in thier misleaders.

    Climate Change is manmade. Paradox. It is nothing to do with mankind but everything to do with those in control of mankind: the technocratic plutocracy or militia. By interacting with the Earth’s bio/ecospere, mad scientists (all on the payroll of EU/UN) can ‘warm’ the noosphere/ecosphere (hence global ‘warming’) which can result in deep freeze or draught, tsunami or earthquake, tornado or flood. Patents and Treaties available for public perusal confirm such statements as fact, as evidence that the very sources which have sustained mankind over untold existence of life on this planet, are and have been and will continue to be under attack, undermined, controlled and witheld.

    It’s all about the psychopathic drive toward supremacy: over nature, over man and if they can’t create it, they’ll destroy it or be damned.

    It’s about depopulation and of course, it’s about eternal insanity; the eternal exile from creation.

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