Small business funding going to big corporations


Talk show host Alex Jones interviews Lloyd Chapman, the President of the American Small Business League. Mr. Chapman has filed multiple lawsuits in an effort to stop this practice.  While politicians (including President Obama) proclaim that American entrepreneurship will help restore our devastated economy, federal dollars are being allocated to big corporations who use it to set up shop in other countries. And this has been on going for YEARS!

Small businesses create 90-100% new jobs, and our out-of-control corrupt government knows it.  This is more evidence of the Looting of America that Catherine Austin Fitts described. She explained how capital has been moved offshore for more than a decade.

Small businesses generally enrich local communities sometimes referred to as Main Street. Author Ellen Brown (Web of Debt) has initiated the Public Banking Institute for the specific purpose of providing credit to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Author Michael Shuman (Going Local) has researched the facts and figures and has proven beyond any doubt that local businesses enrich communities and big corporations extract wealth from them. Michael goes one step further, he suggests the establishment of local stock markets so that people can invest in their own communities.

Ms Fitts, Ms Brown and Mr Shuman all agree that Americans need to feed Main Street and starve Wall Street.

Web sites

Catherine Austin Fitts: Solari

Ellen Brown: Web of Debt

Michael Shuman: Small-Mart


This is what happens when a President outsources job creation to multinational corporate executives

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