Human Resources of The Corporation


This feat of social engineering was funded by Rockefeller and is responsible for much of the feelings of unempowerment that most people experience today. While the eugenicists (the Rockefellers and others who consider themselves the ‘global elite’) have continuously attempted to blame depression and addiction on faulty ‘genes’, their promotion of Taylor’s “Scientific Management” plays a huge role in creating the demoralized climate we find ourselves combating daily.

Examples of the ‘specialization-control model’ (some refer to as compartmentalization) adopted by The Corporation:

  • Sales people have little factual information about the products they sell
  • Receptionists at doctor’s offices know little about the legal implications of the forms they insist the patient’s sign
  • Public health workers know little about the damaging effects of the vaccines they administer
  • Cell phone sales people have no understanding of the EMR impacts of cell phones on the brain
  • Dentists know little about the devastating toxic effects of the fluoridated water they promote
  • Physicians ask about patient’s family history and ‘bad habits’ while completely ignoring the impact of our jobs (where we spend approximately 2000 hrs per year)  and/or the  toxins that bombard us daily
  • Soldiers know little about the REAL masters they are killing for

Because of the specialized work force The Corporation has created – to increase it’s profits and control the workers – many nefarious and destructive actions are inflicted on the unsuspecting by seemingly good people. In fact, if you attempt to educate the ‘specialized’ worker regarding the REAL IMPACT of their actions, they will most likely emphatically deny the facts and quote the faux reasons they have been indoctrinated with to justify their actions. After all, Human Resources aren’t paid to think and many times are terminated should they ask too many questions about the morality of what they are getting paid to do.

This documentary also exposes the very real negative impact that the intentional construction of an extremely competitive society has had on us all.  In fact the concept of “survival of the fittest” didn’t actually come from Darwin. Darwin promoted the concept of “natural selection” which means the most adaptable (cooperative) has the best chance for survival. However, the “competitive” culture that has been engineered helps create future competitors for professional sports and fighters to serve as cannon fodder for the Global Elite.


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