The Looting of America


Former Washington/Wall Street insider Catherine Austin Fitts explains the well planned and executed Looting of America. Here are some of the important facts that Catherine exposed:

  • Washington and Wall Street are fraught with corruption
  • Washington is centralizing both political and economic power
  • Decentralization restores prosperity to communities – not Wall Street
  • Currently we are all shipping our money into Washington and Wall Street and it is trickling back
  • Local banks can play an important role in rebuilding our communities because investments should be make locally – Wall Street just extracts wealth
  • The banker bailout refinanced toxic paper and derivatives . . . it was a leveraged buyout of the country
  • GATT changed rules regarding capital moving around the world.
  • The shift of global capital creates the end of sovereign governments and the rise of corporatocracies
  • Currently we are literally governed by private corporations
  • The baby-boomer’s pension funds were ransacked
  • The decision was made in the 90’s to transfer all the jobs and huge amounts of capital abroad and the banks were involved in that decision
  • Fed and financier policies encouraged large corporations to replace small local businesses
  • The Federal Reserve engineered a housing bubble. The banks were knowledgeable and willing participants. Because of this a case can be made for ‘fraudulent inducement’ when it came to encouraging people to buy big houses and take out mortgages they couldn’t afford

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan completely supported Catherine Austin Fitt’s conclusions. The banking institutions and the ‘government’ has been ‘EXTRACTING’ wealth from our country via their policies for the past 20 or so years. Dylan doesn’t however admit that it was an economic coup d’etat, which Catherine proved was the case.

Catherine Austin Fitt’s web site:


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