Planned Obsolescence


Here is more evidence of the corporate – not customer – role in the waste of resources and the creation of pollution. To lay the blame at the feet of humanity, corporate perception managers changed the term “customer” to “consumer”.  They also like to blame overpopulation, when in actuality the “growth” paradigm is a critical part of our Federal Reserve created fiat money system. See: Money as Debt

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


If links don’t work, try this site:


Humanity Itself: the globalist’s patsy . . . and target


3 responses to “Planned Obsolescence

  1. i cant see videos as they were removed. Any place where i can watch them? links pls.

  2. Excellent video. Imagine our world where you only need to buy something once for it to last at least a lifetime. We would achieve ‘miracles’.

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