Groundbreaking Supreme Court Decision

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Once you wake up and realize that Washington, District of Columbia, has been taken over by AIPAC, the corporations, the industrial military complex and above all the International Banking Cartel, you start looking more closely at your own state.

This recent Supreme Court Decision is indeed GROUNDBREAKING.

Documented details of this case

More information:


3 responses to “Groundbreaking Supreme Court Decision

  1. Brilliant; an obvious pointer right back to Common Law from which there is no ‘law for the rich and one for the poor’. Aside from the 9th wave Mayan information, mundane astrology also confirms this trend with Mercury retrograde in Leo (kings, despots, rulers) whilst Saturn is moving forward from retrograde in Libra: the two ensure a retracing, undoing.

  2. The states need to stop accepting government funds.

  3. That is for sure a very important decision. Unanimous decisions are truly to be valued when they support individual rights.

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