Oliver Stone: US in denial over JFK assassination


January 26, 2010, New York Post

BANGKOK — Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone said Monday the United States remains in denial over the possibility that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald could have assassinated John F. Kennedy, calling it a “national fairy tale.”

Speaking to 300 high school students in the Thai capital, Bangkok, Stone said exploring alternative theories over the JFK assassination remains too sensitive for those in the media or academia who “would be endangering their careers and their position.”

“To this day, many key Americans in power are in total denial about this story,” Stone said. “They don’t even want to know about the possibility that he was killed by someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald. It is a national fairy tale.”

Stone was in Bangkok to talk about film-making and peace as part of a series of talks facilitated by the Vienna-based International Peace Foundation.

His 1991 film “JFK,” which he acknowledged was his most controversial, ridicules the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald acted alone and suggests a massive conspiracy.

Stone’s film centered on a theory by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison that a CIA-led mutiny killed the president and the plotters walked away unscathed. Garrison’s theories went to court in 1967, but Clay Shaw, the alleged “evil genius” behind the assassination, was acquitted.

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According to attorney Jim Garrison, the assassination of JFK represented a major ‘regime change’. And to this day many people are unaware that JFK challenged the Federal Reserve’s control of our currency when he created the Silver Certificate less than 6 months before he was murdered.

President John F Kennedy, the Federal Reserve and Executive Order 11110

LBJ – Part 1

LBJ – Part 2

LBJ – Part 3


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