Crooked Judges, Lawyers and Corporate Power


By Dr Les Sachs

judgeIn the headlines are the appalling news stories of Americans carrying out murderous attacks on judges and their families. In a matter of days, one judge was shot and killed in his own courtroom, while another judge had family members brutally murdered in their home.

These news stories are, however, related to another news story, which is the most taboo subject of the American media — the expanding crisis of corruption among American judges and lawyers. At question is whether the deepening despair of Americans about their own legal system, is fueling some of these violent attacks on judges.

Much is written now about how America’s economy is resembling that of a banana republic, given how America is sunk in preposterous debt, and how the U.S. dollar currency is sinking toward a possible collapse in the near future.

But there is another way that America is also like a banana republic, in that its legal system — contrary to its Hollywood image — has become a sink-well of secret proceedings, the jailing of the innocent and political misconduct;  and how it is sullied with documented corruption, fake trials and court fraud.

[Editor’s note: From retired federal Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure (pg 102):  “The best advice you will ever receive is to: avoid their courts whenever possible. There is no justice to be found in those courts unless you are a member of the Vatican, the royal or elite, or have purchased diplomatic immunity!”]

These facts are not generally understood, because of how judicial corruption is the most un-reported news story in the American landscape. It is the category of news story which America’s newspapers and media are most afraid to report, even when clear proof is in their hands.

In America right now, judges — and lawyers who are protected by judges — can commit felony crimes in broad delight, leave the proof lying around, and yet avoid being prosecuted or even having their crimes be reported by the media. The people who work in the media see a lot of material on court misconduct, and yet they know this is the story of which they dare not speak. The lack of media coverage, in turn, encourages more judicial corruption, leaving millions of Americans in anger and despair.

Confronting the secrets of U.S. judicial corruption, is a key to understanding America’s whole social crisis, and its role in the world right now. Here are some elements of this situation that you won’t see in run-of-the-mill news reports:

The Innocent in USA courts:

Imprisoned, Sentenced to Death, Losing All They Have

The key statistic to understanding America, is that it has over 2.2 million prisoners (!) out of about 300 million people. This is 25 per cent of all the prisoners, anywhere, in the entire world. By comparison, the most populous nation, China, with about 1.3 billion people, only has a few hundred thousand prisoners, despite being denounced by the USA as a “repressive” country.

1 out of every 45 working-age males (that is, not counting children or the elderly) is BEHIND BARS in the United States. With working-age black males, the figures are about 1 out of 20. This is the stuff of revolution.

With so many Americans in jail right now, and many more having been to jail or on the way, the USA now has the world’s biggest gulag. The United States of America is a giant machine for jailing people and making them afraid. With 2.2 million prisoners, America can be very casual about who it throws into prison. Estimates are that at least 5 per cent, or over 100,000 of these prisoners, are completely innocent.

This is well shown by the fact that over 100 of the smaller group of prisoners who have recently been on death row in America — actually sentenced to be executed — have recently been freed, innocent of the crime for which they were convicted.

As it is so easy to railroad innocent people in America on capital murder charges, which have mandatory appeals, it is even easier to railroad people on lesser criminal charges, or in malicious lawsuits where victims lose all their money and property.

With judges and lawyers making so many mistakes, sending so many innocent people to prison, and wrecking so many lives with lawsuits, the drive to cover-up for judicial mistakes becomes obsessive. The U.S. legal system cannot function without a cover-up. But a cover-up of judicial misconduct becomes an invitation for corruption and bribery and more misconduct, and this vicious cycle keeps escalating.

In America’s unique political landscape, the lawyers and judges have supreme power, both over themselves and over the political process. With the American theory of the “supreme” judiciary that is supposedly “independent” of politics, the recipe is there for a kind of “Praetorian Guard” mentality like in ancient Rome. In imperial Rome, the small army of the “Praetorian Guard” theoretically protected the emperor. But as the Praetorian Guard realized its power, they were able to become a law unto themselves, controlling the empire, even dictating to the emperor, and covering up for any of their own misdeeds.

This is the role of the judges in America right now. America needs its judges to keep order over its own far-flung empire. America’s corporate rulers fear to expose the misconduct of judges, lest this empire start unraveling.

Since the judges are “supreme” in America, if people realize the judges are crooked, a revolution would be at hand.

U.S. Judges as Goons for the Big Corporations

[Editor’s note: In 2011, Swiss researchers exposed the existence of a Network of Global Corporate Control.  The banksters behind this network are related to the same banking families that brought the American BAR Association to America in the early 1900’s.  According to the research of attorney Melvin Stamper (author of Fruit from a Poisonous Tree): “The scheme also provided for the control of the courts via the 1913 creation of the American Bar Association, whose parent organization was the European International Bar Association, which was the creation of Rothschild. This allowed the International Bankers to control the practice of law . . .”]

In United States regime, most major aspects of public life are now under the control of the U.S.-based multi-national corporations, who have effectively and openly bought and paid for everything in the American “system”:

The corporations own most U.S. politicians, including both of the two tweedledee-tweedledum “political parties”, given that both the “Democrat” and “Republican” parties, and nearly all the politicians, get their funding from the same U.S. corporate interests, despite a little bit of pretending to be different;

The corporations own all the major U.S. media companies, who control what “news” most people see and read;

The corporations effectively control most of the well-known “non-profit organizations”, who also depend on the large corporate or corporate-backed “donations” for their existence and income;

The corporations own the U.S. elections, determining who is allowed by the media to be a “major candidate”, and the corporations even manufacture the easily-hijackable “voting machines” that “count the votes” for people

And the corporations, above all, own the U.S. lawyers and judges, via the corporate money and bribes that flow in the billions of dollars through U.S. law firms, which is why they rarely lose cases among the “pro-business” U.S. judges.

The judges enforce the “law”, which in the United States means the Law of the Big Corporations. They win, the little guy (or girl) loses. That’s what judges and lawyers call “The Game”.

In exchange for controlling things for the benefit of the big corporations, U.S. judges and lawyers are allowed to act like perverts with regard to the average person. They can lie, rob, cheat, steal, kill and destroy any mere average person or U.S. citizen — that is what the judges and lawyers get, as their “reward” for running things for the benefit of the really rich people who are big shareholders in the big corporations.

America needs the myth of the “rule of law”, the power of the judges, to keep control of the political situation. But the trade-off is that the judges have become a law unto themselves, and the judges and lawyers in America have built a machine that cannot be reversed by any power visible on the horizon, except some kind of revolution.

U.S. Media Control Hiding the Judges’ Crimes

The one power that the judges in America do worry about, is that of news media and publicity, either of the independent kind or from outside the United States. Recently, the American Supreme Court judges decided in a close vote, to stop putting children to death, admitting they were influenced by world public opinion and international condemnation of this practice.

The news media in America — mostly owned by large corporations who own everything else — has a guilty conscience about all the evidence of judicial misconduct that flows regularly through their offices. The media do not report or investigate most of these stories, even when conclusive proof is plopped in their lap.

This is partly out of fear of revenge by the government and the judges, and partly out of a sense of a twisted theory of “patriotic duty”. These media employees think that it is better to hide the dirty linen of the judges and courts, so as not to “upset the public” and “destabilize society”. In other words, they know that the truth about the crooked U.S. judges is the stuff of revolution.

But really, the situation is that the big media in the United States is owned by the same big corporations who own the politicians and government, the same big corporations who pay the big law firms that bribe the judges so that the big companies almost always win their cases.

Most big corporations find themselves using American courts extensively, including the media companies. If any media company or U.S. organization were to independently “go after” some corrupt judges, and speak about judicial corruption, the fear is that the media company might well find itself being destroyed by the judges, as billions of dollars worth of lawsuits suddenly were “decided” against the corporation.

You may not believe this yet, but the fact is that the U.S. judges operate like criminal gangs. They get together and pick a target, and they can decide to destroy that target if they feel it is a threat, either to themselves or to their paymasters at the big corporations.

Such terrors lurk in the back of the mind of independent and progressive journalists, perhaps even more than among the big corporate media. In America you never know whether you might find yourself arrested or sued on some trumped-up charge or accusation, if you dare to criticize the U.S. legal system. U.S. journalists have been shot dead in the street, after daring to write a critical article about the judges. Just “coincidence”, perhaps.

Exposing a dishonest judge in America, can put you on a “black list” where no lawyer will protect you, even if you have lots of money to spend. Experience shows, over and over again, that people in the U.S. who try to fight judicial corruption simply cannot find lawyers for themselves, even if they have money — and even though many U.S. lawyers are desperately unemployed and eager for money!

It is still (somewhat) accepted in the U.S., that journalists can criticize the President and the administrative branches of government, or complain about legislators. It is part of the function of politicians, like the President, to “take some political heat” up front, while the corporations run things behind the scenes.

However, it has become extremely taboo to say much about dishonest judges, even in the face of ice cold proof that judges are committing crimes. You have proof of crimes by judges?  Almost no journalist in the United States wants to talk with you. — That is the true reality of American life.

Even though the news media in the USA are not owned by the government, they are not “independent” — far from it. The power of the judges extends to both direct and indirect control of media criticism.

Beyond the fear, there is also a feeling among USA media and lawyers and the government, that drastic and terrible calamities would occur if judicial corruption were really investigated and exposed. As one U.S. lawyer said, “If the American people found out how crooked the judges really are, the whole house of cards will start to crumble.”

People feel that faith in the courts — the Hollywood movie version of American “justice” — is what is holding the USA together. The fear is this:  If the American people start thinking that the courts are rigged, and that huge amounts of people in jail are innocent, then social chaos will be on the horizon, and America will unravel in a mass political revolution.

So the U.S. media, corrupted by corporate ownership, or afraid itself of revenge, pretends it is doing a kind of civic duty, to limit coverage of judicial corruption, to those few cases where the government itself has already decided to prosecute some wayward judge or lawyer.

Even in cases where U.S. judges engage in absolutely blatant, open and publicly perverted misbehavior — like the U.S. judge who used a penis-pump on himself in his courtroom (quite true story) — the misbehavior and crimes usually go on openly for several years, until the rogue judge finally offends some rich or politically powerful person, and the system finally slowly takes action.

America’s FBI and Department of Justice collect files on judicial corruption like they collect files on everything else, but they hold back from acting, even in cases where they have clear enough evidence to bring an indictment in minutes. The law enforcement agencies in America blow with the political winds, and in the absence of media attention, they will cover up for judges, whose help they require when they need to win convictions on flimsy evidence. The judges who take bribes are gladly eager to help law enforcement railroad and convict innocent people. The mutual back-scratching of cops and judges is routine.

In the meantime, the anguish of millions of Americans is increasing:  The 2.2 million prisoners and their families and loved ones;  all those whose rights have been diminished, or their fortunes ruined;  the increasing number of people forced to flee the USA to live in freedom and peace;  all those living in fear in America, worried that they might be the next victim of the unfair American legal system. The frustration of many people with American courts is building, a huge but hidden story in American life.

Secrecy, gag orders, and the court files you will never see America is increasingly a closed society, with much of its legal activity carried on in secret. And I’m not only talking about the secret detention of so many hundreds of detainees at overseas locations. Even in America’s domestic legal system, much of the important legal activity is secret and hidden.

The illusion is that America is an “open” society, because there are 24-hour-a-day “news” channels on television, and because there are dozens of reporters and cameras outside the courthouses that are holding public-circus trials of a Martha Stewart or Michael Jackson or Paris Hilton. But the gritty day-to-day reality of life in American courts, is that much of what really goes on, is secret, hidden, un-published, under gag order or a judge’s ban on freedom of speech, or simply un-reported by the news media, even though the media knows it has something important which the American people would love to hear.

Much more than people realize, news of American court proceedings is blocked by gag orders, embargoed documents, and outright blatant and illegal bans on freedom of speech. Though there are always some supposed higher purposes in these gag orders, a basic function of such gag orders is to hide the whole dirty process of how judges and lawyers do their work. As judges and lawyers run the show, they are eager to use their powers to make sure that a lot of what they do is known only to themselves.

The biggest category of judicial secrecy is the nationwide American curtain that hides complaints of misconduct about judges and lawyers. Across the U.S., tens of thousands of complaints have been filed about misconduct by lawyers and judges. You can find many of them on the internet.

While some of these complaints are frivolous, and many of them are certainly emotional, a lot of these complaints are well-documented or have conclusive proof attached. But nearly all of these tens of thousands of complaints are non-published and secret, and almost nothing is done to act on these complaints, regardless of how valid or how well proven.

America’s secret files of judicial and lawyer misconduct, are a gold mine of information on the real dirty workings of the American legal system. But alas, complaints about judges and lawyers are filed with — you guessed it — other judges and lawyers. These complaints are read and passed around very eagerly, as I have found by calling up judges’ secretaries. I have tracked complaints all the way up to the Supreme Court building and the Supreme Court “judicial ethics” panel that was appointed in 2004 by USA Chief Justice Rehnquist.

The judges read the complaints about their fellow judges, they likely laugh and joke with each other about the people they have harmed, and perhaps quietly advise each other to behave less openly like lunatics in the future. But what the judges almost never do, is respond in any way to the complaint. They don’t answer, and they don’t remedy the situation. They merely make some mental notes in case there is some publicity down the road.

If there’s no publicity, the judges feel they are home free. The same goes with complaints about American lawyers to the local Bar which “regulates” lawyers, which typically just covers up for lawyer misconduct. Unless a judge is already mad at the lawyer, the local Bar will usually whitewash your complaints about a lawyer, even if you have written proof of a lawyer committing a felony crime.

People are surprised to learn that American judges often don’t respond to some legal filings and complaints, and sometimes even to formal appeals. If you have expensive lawyers, and have political connections they will indeed probably answer. But otherwise, silence is common. Poor people in America have been strapped to a table and put to death, while an appeal languished unanswered by the judges.

Fearful Lawyers and Fake Trials

A few celebrity trials do, indeed, dominate the American news, with all sorts of tiny details gaining the headlines, like Michael Jackson said to be coming to court in his pajamas. But hidden beyond the “detailed analysis” of the celebrity circus trials, are highly significant and heartbreaking stories of real trials, whose details you never learn. You don’t find out how someone’s human rights were taken away, or how someone was railroaded on false charges, while media focuses on the latest “scoop” of some public circus legal proceeding.

Americans, who have not endured a court battle, have an entirely misleading sense of the legal system from two sources:  (a) the celebrity circus trials and (b) fictional television shows and Hollywood movies. Yet the reality for most Americans in court, especially the poor and minorities, is something sadly different, far more sleazy and awful and sinister.

A key factor in life in America now, is the widespread moral collapse of the American legal profession. America has about a million law school graduates, the most enormous gang of lawyers in the world. And ‘gang ‘ is the right word.

Though a core group of lawyers are wealthy, from the fees supplied by big corporations or from a few big lawsuits;  many other lawyers are unemployed, desperate for work. American lawyers, as a whole, are in fear of rocking the boat or challenging the political system, lest they be cast out and put among the unemployed.

U.S. lawyers who challenge the government or try to expose corruption, will face losing their jobs, and may get cited on trumped up charges that can lead to the loss of their ability to practice law, financial destruction, or even criminal indictments.

The net result is that there are only a small handful of American lawyers now, who are willing to (very slightly) politically challenge the American government. But if you ask about lawyers who are willing to challenge corruption by other lawyers and judges, that handful of lawyers dwindles to almost complete zero. Even unemployed and broke lawyers are afraid to confront judicial corruption for a paying client. The lawyers will privately explain it is “career suicide”, and just too plain “dangerous”, to try to confront dishonest judges and other lawyers. The U.S. human rights and civil liberties groups stay away from this area, too. — They don’t want to lose their corporate funding, or suffer financial destruction at the hands of America’s criminally vengeful judges in some bogus “lawsuit”.

The betrayal of clients by lawyers in the USA is terrifyingly common. An example is the army of “public defenders” that “represent” poor people as they get convicted and sent to prison. Some of these public defenders are brave and good people, at heart.

But many of them are lazy and incompetent, like the lawyers known to be falling asleep and snoozing in court while their assigned clients are convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Even worse, however, are the all-too-common public defenders who actually help the government to stage fake trials against their own clients.

These “public defender” lawyers are often paid out of government money. If they do not help the government, these lawyers can be dropped from the register, lose their income, and be replaced by other lawyers more willing to be submissive. Though such lawyers may pretend to be “helping” their clients, they often take another role, terrifying and intimidating their clients into accepting unfair plea bargains and prison terms, even when the clients are innocent.

Sometimes the “public defenders” really deserve to be imprisoned themselves. I am currently working on helping an innocent French citizen, Leonel Cazaco, who was sentenced to life in prison for a murder, even though someone else confessed to the crime. At his trial, Mr. Cazaco’s “public defenders” knew that someone else had already confessed to the murder, but they hid these facts from the court record and from Mr. Cazaco himself, to help the government win the conviction. The French government has become active for Mr. Cazaco, and his release is hoped for in the future.

But U.S. lawyers are often eager to betray and steal from clients, even when the clients are paying them. Lawyers will sell out and manipulate their clients, to benefit either the government, or the wealthier party that is paying them bribes. This is something lawyers call “playing The Game”.

Actually, even very rich political people get robbed by their own lawyers, the lawyers pushing the wealthy people into needless legal cases, just so the lawyers can “milk” them for money. As long as some of the stolen money makes its way into the hands of the judges, even the rich victims usually cannot get redress against the lawyers who have robbed and defrauded them.

Some of America’s rogue judges, intoxicated with their sense of unlimited and unrestrained power, get quite cocky about committing felony crimes in broad daylight, leaving a trail of written evidence and even posting it on the internet. It is remarkable what offences they can commit and still remain in office, unchallenged by either news media or law enforcement.

The fake U.S. federal legal proceeding, that forced me to become a political refugee in Europe back in 2004, is one such set of open felony crimes. It is a well-known story now, with a U.S. federal judge instantly banning my freedom of speech and then threatening to jail and murder me, while conducting a fake legal proceeding with the judge’s friends posing both as my lawyers, and also as lawyers for a non-existent “first amendment civil rights charity foundation”.

The judge and his friends issued fake “court orders” claiming I “agreed” to the banning of my own freedom of speech for the rest of my life, “agreed” to the destruction of my media and publishing company, “agreed” to work for the rest of my life paying several hundred thousand dollars to the friends of the federal judge with the fake “Foundation”, and “agreed” never to appeal all these illegal orders or the fraud of the fake “legal proceeding”.

You can find more details at the website about me, and the central legal presentation in my 125-count 3 April 2004 U.S. Appeals Court filing exposing the crimes of the U.S. federal judges. — Needless to say, the U.S. judges never answered my court filing — My court filing was too crisp and precise, too well-supported by proof documents, about the crimes the U.S. federal judges had committed, so the U.S. judges don’t dare to reply.

Before the U.S. government gangsters moved in to jail and murder me, and I was forced to escape to Europe to save my life, I did everything I could to find a U.S. lawyer to help me. Specifically so I could find a lawyer, in my final months in the U.S., I got myself hired into a $150,000 per year job, just so I could afford good lawyers.

I had thought, with so much written proof in my hands of judicial corruption, I would be able to find some brave lawyer to expose all these blatant crimes. I thought I would win back my freedom and strike a blow for justice, just like in some Hollywood movie.

I contacted thousands of lawyers, but no lawyer was willing to help me, even though I could pay them well. The lawyers agreed that I had total proof of judicial corruption and felony crime, and they lusted after my money.

But, as the U.S. lawyers explained to me, there is no way to “fight a crooked judge that’s backed by the Bush government”. The lawyers were too frightened for their own safety, to risk trying to defend me against a malicious federal judge and his friends. Meanwhile, the judge’s friends began to close in on me, demanding extortion money and ready to carry out their threats to jail and murder me.

Thankfully, I escaped from America, the fake and phony “land of freedom”, and that’s why you can read these words right now, written in my safe haven in Europe. And then, in 2007, more than three years after I took refuge in Europe, the U.S. judges conducted a new fake “legal proceeding” just for the purpose of creating false media to slander me, and to try and ban my popular writings on U.S. legal corruption, like this article you are reading now, banned by U.S. judges who have served legal papers on Google.

One of the most moving documents I collected in the USA, was a heartfelt note from a gravely ill former Virginia judge, in danger of dying. She wrote to me to confess that Virginia judges, both state and federal, were utterly sunk in crime and bribery, and she correctly predicted that no lawyer would have the courage to help me, despite my proof of judicial corruption. She herself was scared to help me, thinking that the stress would kill her if she got up from her sickbed to try and fight for me.

With these recent deplorable acts of murderous violence against judges and their families, I can see that the instinct of American judges will be to deepen the cover-up of judicial misconduct, as if quashing the news and truth about themselves will make them safer. Hence the new 2007 U.S. fake trial to try and ban my freedom of speech all over again, more than three years after I took refuge in Europe.

A better course would be to move toward a more transparent judicial process, with complaints out in the public and posted on the internet, and with the public impeachment and prosecution of the more notorious rogue judges. Americans today need some hope that there is justice at the end of the struggle, and not just a stone wall of corruption and despair.

But that is not happening, as the corporate forces of the U.S. regime unite to attack any significant movement at judicial reform, and most especially the laudably-named JAIL4Judges. — The United States needs a return to real democracy and the values of the Bill of Rights, but it seems that in the face of judicial corruption, it is only a major revolution that can end these crimes of horror in which Americans now find themselves.


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  1. I hear everyones complaints, and as an employee in the courts system, I saw first hand how corrupt it is. Better yet, as you all get to explain it, I can show it from their own documentation and papers. Being an employee granted me a side ordinary citizens dont get and the cop never lies. I can show the public, how it happens and how if you have no money, you get no justice. Just cant get anyone to care to see it.

  2. Take a look at a/k/a “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker From Scrutiny” by investigative reporter Christian Stork for starters…



  4. Are you the lawyer from California?

  5. i have read much of what has been stated in your website concerning the corrupt justice system. Forget Justice. I am convinced the only justice I will see is not in the present USA. But in the statement a man made many years ago. “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done.” The Son of God said it right. I have just recently gone through a vicious and corrupt battle in the injustice system of the courts. After the trial for my grandson was over it was then told me that as a grandparent I had no rights for my grandson. We were basically railroaded, lied about, falsely accused. Because we believe in corporal punishment that gave them basis for child abuse. In short my grandson that was bonded to my wife and I for over 6 years went through 3 foster families. Finally he was adopted out to a lesbian couple. I was basically told to keep my mouth shut and let the proceedings take place and
    let the system work. Didn’t happen. Can you imagine the DSS (standing for Dept. for Satan’s Service) claiming they stand for Family Reunification. No No and a thousand times No. They are decorators. They have no checks and balances. They are soverign. Again imagine your son or grandson telling you. Pop pop, I want to riding with you in your big red truck and I want to go home with you. Or Granny I want you to cook me some cake, cakes. Instead they haul him off against his will and later pump him up with Ridlin. Now after 3 years of being allowed to have supervised visits I am now not allowed to have contact. In short I ask for GOD’S judgement on CPS the DSS and the Corrupt Lawyer (that did not do anything but take my money and run) I am now bankrupt. I am one that would not lose a nights sleep if God sent an earthquake and engulf these evil conspirators of evil. He did it in the old testament to Korah and his Men. Don’t send me any letters of sympathy or try to patronize me. Don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me. Simply pray to God on my behalf and for my grandson that is living an abnormal life with two lesbians. Simply understand that I need not one to weep for me. Weep for the Dept. of injustice that exists in this evil nation. We are a nation under God. An Angy one at that. Don’t anyone dare contact me accusing me of hating lesbians. I love their souls. Despise their lifestyle. James

    • My name is Michael Fontenot I am suffering from a head injury I’m just now learning how to use a phone again I have trouble speaking I do not read or spell I’m special ed seeking help on these matters urgent extreme I used to have a very very high IQ level doesn’t mean I’m stupid as have a head injury the last three times I was arrested with no drugs on the scene police officers came to my parents house they had a surcharge for my room which is on side of the house they never known silver cops they tried breaking into the garage where I was open the door to see who it was I notice it was an officer I said you didn’t want no problems open up the door for him and he was cutting through the security screen you packed up picked at the batting around hit me over the head with it and knock me out they handcuffed me against the door and threw me to the ground my head down. Concrete when I woke up I lift up my head I was immediately beat down with rifles in back of the head and so forth I was never read my rights because they found no drugs there there was no pictures of it it was never there the kick me to emergency force me to say and I slipped and fell malpractice you never took care of me in the hospital stop the bleeding my teeth were crushed I left I messed up still I have trouble speaking because I have no more tea because it is sensitive I was never given any medical attention office said there was nothing wrong with me the fourth doctor that I seen in there sitting back to emergency because she gave me a Hands-On evaluation and determined I had multiple contusions to the brain different positive brain swelling the officer threw in the trash can to report I was never seen by the doctors again I went to court before I seen the second doctor and the 4th doctor I told him I needed medical attention to look into my case I was about to beat me did not so I can tell my ride there he told me I thought you wanted to go home I thought I was getting off because of search for it I wrote many times the medical staff saying I was not in my right mind mental courtroom then I went home passed out in the backyard went back to the emergency room for the third time immediately started taking care of me all kind of pain pills setting up appointments for speech therapy coordination therapy records should say that I was mentally sick show me a train that took on the case that filed for me six months later I checked up on him and he said he was going to take the case she said some people on top of the hill told him not to do so so I found another attorney that needed my medical records I was going to be arrested on my way to prop 36 class what are you take a $3,000 check from me to go back to school from the government and my insurance money for my truck heater for my garage cuz it took me back to my house and found no drugs there him and his 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what cells I did a lot of time on it so I had all the time saved up anyways back to this vigorous here in the cop got caught lying again for the second time the lab checkout call line play formation got up there and see we’re not violating him when he came to see me he was hit in the head he was badly beaten was not in his right mind I got to spend everything to his girlfriend he’s doing everything he’s supposed to be doing this was the second case I beat hearing they moved it up to another court date brought it back into the judge that give me prop 36 she says I know nothing about his case I’m not going to sit and some take it to whoever who’s doing this to him crooked judge send it to vigorous hearing when I arrive there I have another attorney I asked him if he knew anything about my case said that’s not my problem they move me to another courtroom because of prop 36 judge that getting that tell them to take it to whoever is doing this to me because she knows nothing about my case so she’s not going to give me sentencing I should have been let go the second time we had to wait for the lady who types in that courtroom go up to the other courtroom this crooked judge was and da immediately he lashed out at me Daddy and send out of selling drugs out of my pocket which was a lie did you just send me I could give you 6 years or half or let you go however I’m going to give you 6 years my attorney says why don’t you let him go and arrest him with some drugs the judge asked me what do I have to say for myself or should I have a head injury of not in my right mind I was taking Norcos at the time thank God I was not giving any pain pills through these matters to the whole process until that point because I seen another doctor in Adelanto that that only had paperwork saying I had multiple choosing to explain why so my paper were messed up anyways a rusted me I was never let go I was supposed to be like to go twice already they moved me to Glen Helen I got up telling probation there they said they did not violate me to do not know why I am in here I wrote San Bernardino Criminal Division Riverside County Criminal Division in Moreno Valley Moreno Valley went argue the fact that I should be like to go it did not iroh San Quintin law they told me to write School law Berkeley civil it took me to write California Bar association did not get a reply I rode a heavy equip habeas corpus did United ever thank you and log out the right paperwork cuz they gave me the wrong paperwork they took on the case they ask him about my mental health physical health I was forced to work when my doctors have me off work I fell off at 3 man illegal bunk and so much more I wrote Pala courts when you turn down the first habeas corpus then the courts got a hold of them and said we do not have to represent you anymore cuz you have the pillar quartz however when I received a letter from the appellate courts it was on a different case I did not write about that case I wrote about the reason while I was in there so I believe they wrote this case in themselves and never received a letter from them I wrote them numerous times I got at the deputies and told him what was this case number all about it said it was nothing it came out of Fontana courts Fontana courts closed they kept my legal mail from me that wrote legal mail for me this is illegal I was never going to any mental courtroom I was charged on a Case while I was in there they charge me 6 years it didn’t two strikes I believe I had and burglary this is all false nobody showed up to court for me just tell a court says we do not handle civil suits me not being in my right mind still I am having problems can you please help me please excuse me if this does not come out right the way I am talking on the speakerphone it’s typing for me my teeth are knocked out I have a hard time speaking I’m still suffering from a head injury I’m afraid to go to emergency for iriri arrested again I never get out for I was threatened many times I’m here taking care of my mom she’s 80 years old my dad had a heart attack clean up the garage that they made a mess in on the second time cast I’m in need of help please get back at me my head still hurts I don’t really know what I’m doing when I’m typing this stuff or really how to go about it and I’m trying thank you please help

      • It is always difficult to come face to face with the completely unjustified abuse many Americans are now being subjected to at the hands of law enforcement and the medical industrial complex. The worse the abuse the more effort the abusers use to cover up their crimes. The most I can do long distance is to offer you my prayers and good wishes. I’ve witnessed many miracles in my life, so never let yourself think they aren’t possible.
        Best to you,

      • Cheri Benelgenubi

        Your story is heart-wrenching, Michael. It’s worse than mine, by far. There is no justice in American courts, or probably any courts. The hospitals and doctors these days work in concert with the authorities to “finger” targeted individuals. They don’t give a poop about the medical care of the people they see; only whether they have the right insurance.

        It’s now September, 2018, when I read your story. I hope in the last nine months things have improved for you, although I admit to being doubtful. It sounds like you have become a “targeted individual”, in which case, you’re fucked, and the best thing you can do is get the hell out of America, because it won’t stop. I’ve seen several people targeted and taken down by police and who lost everything as a result. I think they’re courageous for not committing suicide! How sad is that?

        I personally have been staying low key because I know what’s outside my front door, especially if I get in my car and drive somewhere, because we have no rights once we get behind the wheel and leave our driveways.

        I hear Belize is a good place to live, and it welcomes Americans. I realize you have your parents you are worried about, but son, you can’t help them if you’re dead or brain dead. Get out of America while you can. Maybe if you pretend you’re an illegal alien they’ll deport you and thus pay for your travel expenses (haha… trying to keep lighthearted in the darkness).

        I wish you the best of luck, and that at the very least, they leave you alone from now on.

        Bless you,
        C. Benelgenubi

  6. My sisters poisoned my parents. To protect themselves they piled disinformation on me fear of prison. Paid off my attorney’s I paid 30,000. The Judge in Oregon (new) having read these false letters on me by my sisters for fear of loosing millions wiping out parents accounts and imprisonment did dismiss my 1st Appearance to testify…the truth with false death certificates, false SS numbers, frau name on death certificate so SS checks re-routed to their homes then bought off my attorneys who in turn with opposing counsel gave him a ighteous offer he could not refuse…calling my case not even heard yet, Frivilous and summary judgment my first attempt at a trial given by a superior judge that just retired. Now I am going to appeals and these lilly livered attorny’s are afraid to do my brief-judge erred and corruption-proof. I am left with dead parents, my best friends and 78,000 in expenditures. State Bar playing games around me suing attorney’s Insurance though plenty of emails …smart on my part…paper trail puts me in the right. No attorney with guts and moxy. I have more in my little finger. I have 1300 pages of facts that I was blocked from tesifying and I am unstoppable. The fear on their end is I know everything. Now Civil Rights? Fair Tial etc

    • Eva Vijourn
      My sisters poisoned my parents. To protect themselves they piled disinformation on me fear of prison. Paid off my attorney’s I paid 30,000. The Judge in Oregon (new) having read these false letters on me by my sisters for fear of loosing millions wiping out parents accounts and imprisonment did dismiss my 1st Appearance to testify…the truth with false death certificates, false SS numbers, fraud name on death certificate so SS checks re-routed to their homes then bought off my attorneys who in turn with opposing counsel gaveThe new corrupt Judge.. a righteous offer he could not refuse…calling my case not even heard yet, Frivilous and summary judgment my first attempt at a trial given by a superior judge that just retired. Now I am going to appeals and these lilly livered attorny’s are afraid to do my brief-judge erred and corruption-proof. I am left with dead parents, my best friends and 88,000 in expenditures. State Bar playing games around me suing attorney’s Insurance though plenty of emails …smart on my part…paper trail puts me in the right…attorney’s confession on paper as well as a siters confession. No attorney with guts and moxy. I have more in my little finger. I have 1300 pages of facts that I was blocked from tesifying and I am unstoppable. The fear on their end is I know everything. Prison….to good for them. Now Civil Rights Case. Fair Tial etc., Judge bought and erred in judgment. lol

  7. Concerned Cilivian

    You should make a site to list crooked judges and prosecutors and police forces by state and have a place to fill in the information.
    The Judge in a county in my state is corrupt right along with upper ranking officers. Who are ordering and letting their cops commite and create crime.The state police force here commite and cover up murders and use fear to keep the people who object in control or imprisonment.The Attorneys here no longer represent the people the work for the state so there is no longer justice of any kind. People need to be aware of the state or areas in a state of the most corruption. Because these police only work fabricated case that them and these criminal enterprises create.

  8. This is an obvious battle whereby our government has lost its conscience and has united with Satan. Those corrupt do not believe in the merits of God in Christ. Actually this evil government of today feel invincibly capable of living forever and, to them, Hitler is a Hero. God’s wrath will be our justice even unto death.

  9. how dop I find justice in az the most crooked state

  10. I have a crooked judge is controlling my life cant get rid of him how do I do it ???????????????????? stanley

    • The true is the only way we are get rid of this crooked government is exuctions that’s what they are doing to are families and friends in Indiana and they are using poison to do it and forcing unwilling woman to be with blacks against their will.Thier families are scared but will not fight.Because these cops kill with syringes at night in your sleep or they send the woman to the blacks in the community to be injected with a poison that takes years to kill. Its cyanide or a poison like it.The police and these nation wide gangs are enslaving and killing families.The only resolve is to start to fight the civil right offices no longer fight for the people this country is in a do or die circumstance and the men and being kill why they women are lead to Slater. Taking a t let’s pray approach only mean submissive victims.

  11. Attorneys’ Evil Networking Against the People

    The American Bar Association is a shameless group power seekers who could care less about the corrupted legal and constitutional state of the U.S.A Attorneys who must be corrupt to win cases. You say you are the American Bar Association? Should you oversee the 50 U.S.A. localized, individual state bars? I am meaning the American Bar Association as a check over state bars, balancing its powers, and thus the state over the county bars. The problem is, the American Bar Association is influencing control internationally as corruption cancers the justice system of America. The international campaigns of the American Bar Association parallels the goals of the international freemason-illuminati world takeover. I say nations will rise up against its own nation and blood will flood city streets. And, the enemies of the world’s nations will not find a hiding place or shelter. Every evil government and Hitler proves: Evil is death and destruction.

  12. What I have seen in florida family courts is unfathomable. Children’s lives are ruined and a judge gets away with bullying and sending an 18 months baby to live with one parent in one state for 3 months and then for 3 months with the other parent who is 2000 miles away. Is this what civilized nations do? BUT ultimately this is the world of money and connections.

  13. As one who have seen this first hand I know it is true. It is time the American people come together and get the law changed, Lawyer and Judges must be held accountable for their action. Term Limit is the only way.

  14. The law is broken in broad daylight in Virginia. See to enjoy a humorous take on it. Mortgages are used not just to extort money out of Americans by usury, but they are a just another means for STEALING EVERYTHING. Home “ownership” in America is only an “investment” for the bankers.

  15. I and my wife have fought the corrupt legal system in America for eight years and throw my hands up and need to know where we can move to to get refuge in Europe.
    Please email me for I need your help

    Respectfully Yours


    • Yes, the idea that one corporation by itself will be in charge seems like a bit of a stretch. However, The Corporation model is well on its way to controlling the world already. Small independent business are ‘eaten’ up by the monopolists daily. In case you haven’t been watching the big corps have gotten even bigger. They all branch into ‘new’ areas seeking an ever increasing profit stream. Currently governments have lost control of the corporations. [See Frontline’s Black Money.] Who knows where it will end.

  16. Why do you concern yourselves with your localised injustices. The corruption is worldwide
    Over here in the Not so Great Britain, possessed of supposedly the fairest system of justice in the word, I lost my home and property, everything that I had, to a crooked conman who was aided and abetted by lawyers into getting legal aid to the value of £32,000 to help him evade a debt of just £6,173, and then a judgement which meant that he paid nothing at all to myself,on a conflicing pack of lies to those that had gained him legal aid.
    One story for legal aid.
    Another story for a favourable judgement. And all within the knowledge of his devout Christian barrister, – now a judge – John Walford .who was and still is, the chancellor to the diocese of the Anglican church over here
    in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

  17. Prince Ella Green

    Just-us and not Justice? I always believed most Judges was fair until Judge Wayne Mallia and Attorney Steven Leyh played the “GAME”. MidFirst Bank was allowed to purchase our 2000 discharged mortgage debt and attempt to collect, it’s been 15 yrs. now. Taking them to court was a waste of time and money. If the White House is not the answer, then GOD is!!!
    Google News story (Zombie Debt Refuse To Die)(MidFirst Bank/Handcuffed)

    • Someone should investigate the prosecutor of Orange County’s criminal court. What they have been accused of was creating Bogus cases against people, like myself. For example, a police would arrest someone for a charge that likely could not be proved and where the charge should be dismissed or dropped, the prosecutor added more charges that the police never wrote the person-up on. I have told many people and I want someone to help, please!! They have ruined my life over a lie!!

  18. Timothy Clanton

    THIS is so true, but this is horribly evil indeed…the people of America had better wake up, cause too many folk are being thrown into the fire. Too many families burned at the stake of so called justice…America,,,WAKE up,,its almost too late.

  19. Very good article, and right on!

    In 1984 I was convicted of willful failure to file (income tax returns) in federal court in San Jose, California. Based on that very personal experience and on my subsequent research, I am in complete agreement with this author.

    I was charged with three counts of 26 USC §7203, entitled “Willful Failure to File.” I subsequently realized that §7203 is a penal statute (essentially a sentencing guideline describing the parameters within which one can be sentenced for violation of a liability statute) instead of a liability statute (that imposes a duty to perform). No liability statute was ever mentioned, despite my demands for the presentation of the liability statute. The point is: it is impossible to violate a penal statute (sentencing guideline), which really addresses the court rather than the defendant. Nonetheless, this sort of thing is an entirely normal practice in tax trials, and It is entirely corrupt.

  20. what a depressing thought…the justice system being so corrupt that no one except the very rich, and powerful, (or lawyers and judges) can expect any kind of real justice at the hands of these gangsters….the criminals have really infiltrated to the depths of US political and judicial society…
    yet another reason i would NEVER live in the US…and don’t plan even on ever visiting the place. i have no desire to be incarcerated in a police state because some cop and some judge don’t like the look of my hair, or beard, or whatever.

    at least in Canada the corruption is a little less pervasive (i THINK!!(???)…either that or they’ve hidden their nefarious deeds so well that no one yet knows about them…(except their victims of course)….

    the US is starting to sound ever more like a fascist dictatorship, rather like that famous one of the 1930’s-40’s….

  21. I completely agree with EVERY word. Please contact me to here my story. You won’t believe what the “governent” did to me and my family.

  22. Incredible article, I’ve no doubt it is largely true as well– as I’ve witnessed first hand these same type of incidents and maneuvers myself in the courtrooms and among some of the attorney’s and judges.

    It is unfortunate that more oversight is not “allowed” by the public as they are allowed to “police” themselves. Hence the reason they can get away with so much.

    It is so very unfortunate so many lives are forever ruined due to all the corruption and bribes and “lets make a deal” behaviors that appear to be more of the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

    My sincere hopes to you that you do find justice in an unjust world and peace finds it’s way to your doorstep.

  23. Quite a set of statements. I don’t doubt they are largely true, but at least a few facts might give it some more legs.

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