Freemasons . . . what most folks don’t know!


Low level Freemasons are unaware of the history and goals of Freemasonry.  Freemasons are working behind the scenes for a One World Government.  Their ‘network’ plays a key role in the corruption of governments everywhere! Their members are minions of death and destruction . . . whether they know it or not!


3 responses to “Freemasons . . . what most folks don’t know!

  1. Freemasons are subversive secret societies and each Masonic Lodge works to undermine the national and domestic aspirations of their host countries and people. They should be closed down and their members arrested in each and every country in which they inhabit. Otherwise they will engineer the fall of their host country in order to be absorbed into their global new world Luciferian world order with its headquarters in Jerusalem, which is to be the site of their Third Temple of Solomon, to be built on top of the Temple Mount aka the Al Aksa Mosque.

    When will these Israeli citizens and soldiers (and the rest of the global Jewish community) wake up and realize that their entire nation is a Freemasonic Settlement and that they are being used to ethnically cleanse the land so that the Freemasons can rebuild the Third Temple of the New World Order?

    That these Luciferian Freemasons will turn on them for eradication/extermination as soon as the settlement is cleared and the Third Temple is built, just like Hitler tried to exterminate them in World War 2?

    That their entire Israeli leadership are committed Freemasons and owe their loyalty to the Masons, and not to the Jewish people, and would sooner rather than later throw them under the bus when they are done using them to ethnically cleanse and settle the land?

    Jews are generally good people but the Israeli Leadership is exclusively Luciferian and Freemasonic, and they are being used as Agents of Masonry, just like the Feminists and the Saudis are (the al Saud family got the rights to the lands and resources of Saudi Arabia through the Treaty of Darin, also bequeathed to them by the British Freemasons).

  2. Eerie footage of the awesome lodges.

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